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Cool Find: Keep Calm and Carry On

I went to a Tupperware party a while ago and bought a can opener. (Aren’t I clever? Not only is this an introductory sentence, it is also a way to lure you into reading some of my older posts…. Tricky B!) At the Tupperware party, wonder host, Cool Friend #231 had a poster on her wall that was very cool. It was this: I just love it. The sentiment is so essential for my stage of life. Mr Cool bought {Read More}

May $10 Op Shop Hop

In May with my hard earned $10, I bought the following items….1 x scarf with red and blue chain and lock motif1 x Nina Ricci Silk polka dot scarf1 x ‘Every Occasion’ book by Ita Buttrose Now, it would not be bbeingcool without the stories behind these items.Scarf with Red and Blue Chain and Lock MotifNo story, it is generic. But, it did look like something that would look great with a nice white shirt and jeans and cute red {Read More}

Life is Cool: Autumn

I looked out my window a couple of evenings ago and was amazed by the colours that have taken over my street. The reds, oranges and yellows drew me out of the warm, cosy house and on to the footpath where I drank in the last rays of the sun.I love the change in Seasons. I love that the Seasons are just long enough so that by the end of one you are ready for the next. I also love {Read More}

Suitcases are Cool

I love this look from apartment therapy We live in a 60s chamfer on brick house in the burbs. We have enough room (for now) and are quite comfortable. Storage however, is our biggest issue. Mr Cool would say we have too much stuff, but, you know, what does he know about it…. These pictures inspired me to think outside of the ‘box’ regarding storage. I love rearranging rooms in my house, my eldest child has actually had her bed or {Read More}

A very cool gift… Decades in the Making…

I have a very cool friend. She is clever, bright, funny, GORGEOUS, really smart and is oh so crafty.  She is into quilting, scrapbooking, blogging, cooking and she is an inspirational mum. She is so organised and will drop everything to help anyone who needs a hand. Once people get to know how great she is, they use her in anyway they can; tuckshop, women’s groups, piano playing, classroom assistance, cooking for friends, babysitting, blogging tips, she is one amazing {Read More}

The Uncoolest Thing to Say – I have nothing to wear

First things first, when you find yourself in the position when you have NOTHING to wear, here is the emergency list of what I would suggest you get … 1) Get yourself a cute t-shirt 2) Get a skirt – either denim or black 3) Get some sparkly shoes 4) Get a cute cardigan or shrug for mid-season coverage This at least buys you some time to get other things to add to wardrobe….   However, can I challenge you {Read More}

The Rules of Shopping

I again state that I do not position myself as being ‘cool’ or any kind of fashion icon. However, I do love to shop and have become quite good at looking okay on a reasonably undetermined but by no means extravagant budget.  So…. here are some rules to remember when you are confronted with the bright lights and dizzying array of fashion…. 1) When shopping, don’t go looking for just one item  – trying to find a white v-neck t-shirt {Read More}

35 Cool Things About Turning… Well.. Um…

These are in random order…. Except #1 – it is THE coolest thing… 35) You have your own credit card 34) You have owned clothes long enough for them to be back in fashion – Retro Rocks 33) Your shoe size doesn’t change 32) You can finally afford the clothes that as a teenager you dreamt of owning (although now you are too responsible to actually buy them) 31) Your parents trust you with their cars 30) Your sisters ask {Read More}

Things Needed To Be Cool

The pre-claimer to this post is that I do not see myself as cool.  I am stocky, spotty, outspoken but shy, self conscious and intimidated by people who are either better looking than me, thinner than me, smarter than me or more successful than me: this means I am intimidated by just about everyone! But…. I am beginning to understand cool – a bit… A friend of mine has been struggling to find her coolness after having kids. She is {Read More}

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