Challenge is Cool – Day 24 – Animal

The fatmumslim/white peach photography photo challenge….

Day 24 – Animal

An Orange Owl Crayon

I have won a giveaway! Yay for B!

I follow a fantastic blog called ‘Be a Fun Mum’. Just recently, the lovely Kelly launched a whole new look. Gone was the classic black and white and in came white and fresh colours and great new stuff to learn.

‘Be a Fun Mum’ is about exactly what the title suggests – how to be a fun mum. Kelly gives tips on parenting, organisation, fun things to do with kids, recipes and lots lots more. I have to admit that I was very intimidated by this blog when I first stumbled upon it – I really don’t think I am all that great at being a mum – so to see someone doing an inspirational job was a bit …. intimidating. 

I was determined that MY blog would be about everything BUT kids. However, over time I have come to realise that my life revolves around my three little cherubs. To add too many other things would take away from the role that I have in raising them and being in the glory of staying-home-mum-ness.

Anyway… back to Kelly… to help launch her new look – she had a giveaway to celebrate. I won two prizes: a Preschooler Personality Profile Kit and this cute owl crayon (with some other coloured friends too!)

Go check out her blog and leave a comment. She is truly lovely – you will be inspired!

Thanks Kelly! I sure love getting parcels!

What did you get in the mail today?

Oh – if you want to know where to get these owls from check out this link… Stockist details…

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  1. I'm eating jam on toast and a cuppa, while blowing wildly outside. Abstained and showed constraint while going through McD's drivethrough for my son..but the little chocky looks sweeeeeet!
    Going to cool would that be to meet. 😀

  2. Oh my I chocolate deprived or what, thinking a crayon was an edible treat.

  3. I am visual person!

  4. I'm with Tracy, I thought Cadbury had designed a funky new friend of Freddo.

    Anyway, very exciting, I'm going a bit owl mad at the moment, planning the triplets baby shower and setting owls as the theme!

    Congrats on winning, lucky girl! I'll go and have a look at the fun Mum! You follow some great blogs, and this sounds, well … fun.

  5. I am not very well at the moment and for some reason thought that yesterday's challenge was for something orange…. Otherwise I would have taken a photo of one of the chooks! Never mind… It was a good way to plug another blog… Caitlin – she is really cool – I have emailed her about an article she wrote and she wrote a lovely one in reply. Lovely. Gotta love a budding new community!

    Hmmm – owl themed baby shower – that sure sounds fun!

  6. Tracy – I think the mould used for the owl is actually a chocolate mould (is that the right mould – or is the mould like green stuff that has covered my entire house since flooding…?) I thought that they looked edible too when I first opened them…..