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5 Sentence Fiction – Sacrifice

{image} At night Annabelle headed out into the cold, she travelled by train into the city, the opposite direction to everyone else. This is how she felt, opposite to everyone else; when others slept – she was awake; when others were awake – she was asleep. Annabelle opened the little grey door in the grate at the back of the huge store, she put down her handbag and picked up her tools: mop, bucket, broom, brushes, sprays, cloths and bandaids. She {Read More}

Write on Wednesdays – Floating Candles

Angeline stood outside the cathedral and looked up. The windows stared down at her and the gargoyles mocked her tatty clothes and shoeless feet. Tourists bustled past her with their cameras ready and chatted endlessly about bus times and dinner cruises. Angeline had walked a long way to get to the cathedral, a journey that had taken her away from home and away for too long. She looked up at the mocking gargoyles, took a deep breath and stepped into {Read More}

RemembeRED – Old Photos

Well, this isn’t a favourite photo of mine, but my oh my, do I remember these times…. My mother loved this photo of me, she had it hanging in her photo gallery for years, I wonder why she liked it so much? I should ask her sometime. Sitting in the bush on a hot Saturday afternoon was not something I really wanted to do. I wanted to be home where I could just watch television or listen to music in {Read More}

Friday Food – Sour Cream Banana Cake

A few weeks ago a friend of ours came to visit, he was roped into building a fence for the meandering chickens who were ruining our garden {not that we have much of a garden, but having marauding chickens making things worse was not at all cool}. He arrived on our doorstep with bunches and bunches of bananas that he grew in his very own garden and he also brought homemade banana cake made from his very own homegrown bananas. {Read More}

Write on Wednesday – The Saddest Thing I Ever Heard

The Saddest Thing I Ever Heard…. {Image} They sat around the table reminiscing about the good old days of living in the big old house on the farm, while the rain tapped a melody on the hot tin roof. Each took their turn bringing forth a memory; holidays by the beach and being nipped on sunburnt toes by crabs; travelling to Sydney with the windows down and the smell of fields and fields of rain drenched grain; mad games of {Read More}

10 Things – Vintage Sarcasm

Vintage Domestic Goddesses These little pictures have been doing the rounds of Facebook for a while now – they crack me up! I have been collecting them over at Pinterest and finally have 10! I hope you enjoy the giggle…. 1.  2. 3.  4.  5.  6.  7. 8.   9.   10. Okay – reader response time – you can leave your comment here or on my Facebook page… What might this vintage domestic goddess be saying? {Images}

RemembeRED – Peaceful Places

Peaceful Places… {Image} Alone at last. This happens so infrequently these days. Today, I am alone unexpectedly and it is like a cool repreive on a white hot day. It is like finding myself on a boat punting down a stream where willow trees lean in to meet and mingle in the middle. I am wearing a white linen dress and I am holding a parasol trimmed in lace, nibbling figs and pistachios, lying back and letting my fingers glide {Read More}

Five Sentence Fiction – Lightning

Lightning – Living Through The Storm {Image} This piece is loosely based on fiction and partly on fact. Partly my fact and partly others’ fiction. The lightning flashed through the sky leaving trails of light and a wall sound to follow, they snuggled in under the covers arms entwined and feet muddled in together. With every flash of lightning they were reminded of other storms that had passed through their lives – flash – the arguments over who does what {Read More}

Fashion Review: Go To Outfit – Vintage Skirt

I had a great response to my last ‘Go To Outfit‘ so, I thought I would do another… I feel very awkward posting photos of my clothes and of MYSELF – eep! But, this is another outfit that got quite a few comments and it made me {again} realise that looking good does not have to dent your credit card. Some clever shopping and patience really pays off. I had also just come from the hairdresser, so it was a good {Read More}

Anna Says – Cooking In A Hurry

Images care of ModCloth and Pinterest Anna Says – Cooking In A Hurry The clock says 5:15pm, the kids have been c.r.a.z.y. all afternoon and are now in the bath. You realise with grim dread that you have not thought of what to make for dinner at all during the busyness of the day…. Oh dear. What to do?If you keep a well stocked fridge and pantry, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Being organised means that you {Read More}

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