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B’s Dream Bookcase… Crochet Books

Last week I wrote a letter to myself. The letter was about how important it is to do something with one’s hands and to do something creative. I have latched on to this idea and have since bought more wool {don’t tell Mr Cool} and will perfect the granny square – if it kills me. I printed out a pattern for a granny square off the net that I brought to the craft group I went to. I attempted it {Read More}

RemembeRED – Red Wine in Maastricht

On one of our trips to Holland Mr Cool and I had spent the day travelling to the beautful city of Valkenburg to watch a stage of a classic bike race. We caught the train back to our hotel in Maastricht, showered and dressed and hit the city looking for somewhere to have dinner. We meandered along bustling streets in the early evening glow and found ourselves standing in the main square.  Even though renovations were happening, people were still {Read More}

Do you drink Herbal Tea? I had some ‘prescribed’…

A few weeks ago I was told I was tired by a natural therapist. She promptly put me on to some herbs and minerals which helped to start getting my system back in balance. Last week, I had an appointment with this herbalist and she prescribed a variety of things. You can read more about that conversation here… Some of the things she prescribed were to be consumed in teas. I remarked that she wanted me to drink an awful {Read More}

Sunday Musings – Directions

A few weeks ago, I got cheeky and sent out a tweet to some big bloggers on Twitter. I asked for some tips on what I can do to grow my blog. Here are the things they said… Kelly from Be A Fun Mum said,  “Look back at your previous posts and find one that YOU loved writing the most; think about why.” Well… I really like this post on My Favourite Accessories and I wrote about Converse shoes, I {Read More}

12wbt – Week 3 – Hormone Moans …. Grrr

I am feeling like such a fraud being part of this ’12 week blogger transformation’ group! This week I have put on another kilogram. I have been running {a little} bit, I have been tracking my food, I have been doing all the things I should be… But, these pesky hormones are playing havoc with my body… Last night I went and saw a herbalist. She had a look at my eyes and other bits of me and established what {Read More}

Thankful Thursday – Lowest Ebb in London…

It was a gloomy, cold London day nearly ten years ago now. I hadn’t managed to get a job lined up before we left Australia, so I was to sign up with some agencies to do supply work when we had settled in. On that morning, I had waved Mr Cool off to school and was on my way back to our homestay when it dawned on me that I was alone, for the first time in my life. I realised {Read More}

WoW – Dear B – Craft is Good For You!

Dear B, Well, I read on facebook this morning that you couldn’t decide whether to go along to CraftyMummy’s craft group, or whether to stay at home and clean. I know you well enough to know that this would have been a hard decision for you. You haven’t been home much this week and with all the stuff going on you just haven’t had the energy to get some of the jobs done that you normally would. I just thought {Read More}

RemembeRED – My Mentor

Once a month for the past few years, Anne and I have met for ‘tea’. We literally meet and drink tea. It is lovely. We met through church and then worked really close to each other – literally – a desk apart, for a while teaching at the same school. Our bond was almost instant, I liked her right from the start. As it turns out we have so much in common yet are so different that our ‘tea dates’ {Read More}

Lesson Learnt – Parenting in Carparks

As I was getting out of the car at the shops the other day, I noticed a couple of mums talking, they were getting ready to say goodbye and their little poppets were getting fidgetty while waiting. As you can well imagine, when one mum began to walk off, the {tired, cross} little girls decided that they would start crying. One of the little girls in a blink decided to run after the other little girl, across the busy carpark. {Read More}

I have a dream….

Image I have a dream… It seems like a reasonable sort of dream, but it seems so out of reach at the moment. I want to write. I know, I am pumping out thousands of words a week on a variety of topics on my blog, so technically, yes, I am writing. But… I want to write MORE. I have a book of ideas filled with outlines of stories I want to write and some of them are really cool {Read More}

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