Brain Pop – My Weight Loss Revelation


After the dramaramas of a contraceptive that didn’t suit me, I have found myself about 8kgs overwieght. There is a confession for you. I have thryroid issues as well, so I have been to a herbalist and have made some major changes to my diet. I have had to give up some running dreams and just recover. This has been quite a slow process, given I never relax and don’t get enough sleep.

But, it is what it is. And what it is is 8kg. Jiggly, white, gooey 8kgs of B.

I don’t like being overweight. I feel gross and lazy and I don’t fit into my clothes and I just feel yuck. Yuckity yuck. I envy those people who are just happy with themselves at whatever size they are. Who embrace their vulumptousness or their leanness or their inbewteeness. I am not one of those people. I get all tetchy and touchy and sensitive and … stuff.

Over the past week I have been feeling REMARKABLY better than I have in months. Which has been great! I have been having fun drawing and sewing and planning and de-cluttering, I have been active! Which feels soooo good! For the last two or three months I have been too tired to do very much at all, and I have certainly not been inspired or creative or anything. So to feel some life surge through my tired body has been wonderful. But, still that 8kgs is on my mind {and butt, and tummy, and…. hahahahaa}

I  moaned a lot about my wieght to Mr Cool over Easter – which for future reference – is not the best time to be moaning about one’s weight. Lindt bunnies and chocolate slice and fancy birthday parties are not conducive to working on eating less calories, rather they provide the perfect comfort food to someone who needs an emotional pep me up that only chocolate can give. Le sigh.

I was in the shower the other day, I think the very best in the shower, and something in my brain popped {metaphorically, not physically}. There is nothing actually stopping me from losing this weight. Nothing.

I am a Weight Watchers member, I have all the tools to follow this program on my computer and on my phone. I have downloaded the bluefinapp for running 5k, I am all set. I know Weight Watchers works, I have lived the program in between having babies for the last seven years. I know that running works for me, I was fit enough to run a half marathon before having BabyCool.

The only thing in my way is … me.


I am worried about not fitting into my jeans and cute winter clothes. I am worried that when CraftyMummy and I go on our adventure that I will still be too heavy to enjoy it. I am worried that I will have to buy new bigger clothes because the wieght won’t come off. But…

The only thing in my way is … me.

I need to take action and start working on this. If this means as much to me as I say, then I need to DO this. I need to. I really do.

In reality, I can be running 10km by the end of June – which will go by really fast. I can lose this weight by the end of May – which is only next month! I can be fitting into one pair of my favourite jeans in 3-4 weeks, that is not long at all!  But… I have got to start. I have got to stop putting it off. I need to do it. I really do.

So, I have started. I logged my points yesterday {I can only start a diet on a Monday…} and I will run the Bluefinapp for Week 4 Day 1 today {very glad I could fast track through that, thanks John for the tips.} I have begun the forward motion. Now to do this over and over and over.

I am excited about feeling fabulous and fit and healthy again. Very excited about wearing my navy CR skirt and my boots for winter…. And my skinny jeans with my CR cardigan. And my denim dress with funky tights.

Is there something you are stopping yourself from doing?

You could substitute ‘weight’ for all sorts of things… One of my favourite weight loss books was actually a Peter Walsh book about de-cluttering. The same principles apply for eating habits and hoarding…

Did that make something in your brain pop?

I am linking in today with The Diary of  a SAHM for I Blog On Tuesdays…




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  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
    the weight journey is such a tough one for SO many women, so firstly know that you aren’t alone. WW is one of the best programs I have ever done – it teaches you how to eat well in ‘real’ life, and no foods are ‘bad’.
    And although it was tough to recognise, good on you for acknowledging that you were the only one standing in your way… cause you know what that means? That you have the power to completely change things and turn things around!

    Lyndal recently posted..ten things you really should know about us….My Profile

    • Thanks Lyndal! How very cool to be on #teamIBOT!

      I have done it before so I can do it again. I keep wanting something fun and new and exciting, but really – I should stick with what works.

      I am really looking forward to the journey and seeing the numbers drop – I know it is not all about the numbers – actually, yes it is!

  2. Wow, you just voiced my thoughts perfectly! Unfortunately I have a bit more to lose but you have to start somewhere and my constant dilly dallying is getting me nowhere. Good luck with your running and goals, you’ve given me motivation to get out of my rut and sort this big butt out :-). p.s. I love you (not so new now) site, go you!

    • Thanks for stopping by Tanya!

      I actually think it is easier to lose more – I know that sounds crazy right? At Christmas {before I had my ‘reaction’ to the synthetic hormone} I said to a friend that I had 3 kgs to lose and it felt like the world, it is really hard to lose that last few. But, when you start with more to lose you actually end up losing more quicker, the loss numbers are bigger week to week. I am not happy to have to lose as much, but I do know that the first 4-5 will come off rather quickly.

      Thanks so much for commenting. This was a bit raw to write about….

      • I really hope I can lose quickly, I definitely have a lot more to get off than a year ago. So fingers crossed :-). And it is wonderful and brave that you can share your thoughts on this lovely blog of yours, and so many of us can identify. xx

        • Thanks Tanya, so nice of you to comment. I hope that the weight comes off quickly. I have been quite confident about losing it, but just today I have been wondering if perhaps it won’t come off as easily as I would have liked… I guess I would have to re-blog about that too!!

  3. Sheesh. I so could’ve written this myself. Thyroid issues – check.(But I’ve got 10kg extra hanging around.) And I know that it’s just me in the way of myself. I’ve got my sights on a 10km in July & September. And a triathlon in October. Big goals…but I’ve just gotta take that first step out the door! Good luck with your goals 🙂
    Debbie @ Aspiring Mum recently posted..Motherhood and The Empty Room.My Profile

    • Wow – you have some great goals! Triathlon – wow – that is awesome!

      I am doing a 5k run at the end of May then a 10k in August. If I don’t have a plan, I am not focussed.

      Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it.

  4. MellissaD says:

    I need to start, too! I keep saying I’ll start again once DH fixes the treadmill. But there’s nothing stopping me from using the exercise bike. Or taking the kids for a walk. Or playing Dance Central on the XBox. Or, or, or…

    I’ve only got about 5kg to lose. It would be nice to have more than two pairs of jeans and two pairs of track pants to wear this winter. I have lots of other nice things in my wardrobe, they just. don’t. fit.

    • Le Sigh. You can keep me accountable and I can do the same for you if you like. We can work something out…?

      • MellissaD says:

        We could even get together to go walking every now and then. Just don’t ask me to run. Nobody wants to see that!

        • Everyone can run. Ev-er-y-one. Esp if I can! That is not pretty, which is why I go at 5am!

          • MellissaD says:

            Part of the reason why we got the treadmill was so I could learn to run away from the public eye 😉 I was up to being able to run for an entire minute without stopping when I got a cold… and then the treadmill controls broke. I REALLY need to get DH to fix it!

  5. Have you considered going vegan? I have lost 17kgs in 3 months with absolutely no exercise.

    • I saw you at the festival, you look amazing! Well done!

      I don’t actually eat much meat, I am ever so slightly dairy intolerant and I am really quite healthy. At this point, I don’t really feel to change my diet that drastically.

      My issue is with my hormones. They hate me, they cause havoc with my system. I have been going all hippy with herbs trying to sort them all out. I am starting to see some results, just not on the scales. Yet.

      I also love running. I really do. I love the time alone and I love being amazed at what a human body can do. It is ace.

  6. Yup, I know exactly where you are coming from. Running works for me too, and I know if I just stuck to it for more than a week or two, I’d get the results I want! Good luck and thanks for giving me some extra motivation to just “do it”. (P.S. I always moan about my weight around Easter and Christmas! Ironic, huh!?)
    MsMandie recently posted..Little Miss WhateverMy Profile

  7. I know what you mean! You just have to get to that point 🙂 I lost 10kg and was the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been before Georgie was born, but 2 pregnancies later and I’ve let it all slide. In the past month though I have been getting myself back, I have exercised every day and started walking, riding my bike, swimming and going to pilates once a week and I feel so much better! Now I just need to get my eating back in line. But it really is worth it 🙂
    Robyn (@slightly_deep) recently posted..It is time….My Profile

    • Isn’t it funny how you think you are doing all of this on your own… and then you find heaps and heaps of people who are all in the same boat? Amazing.

      Good on you for getting back on track so soon after having a baby. I think that is key – just get in and do it. I didn’t think I would ever be in a position to have to lose this much again. I hate hormones – what a pain.

      Would love you hear how your progress is going…

  8. B…I am right there with you!!! I KNOW what to do, but it’s just making myself do it. I know WW works…it worked spectacularly for me last time, but it’s just getting started! (Cant blame the pill for my weight gain…just my lack of self control!!)If you get started today, maybe I can too! Thankyou!
    Angela recently posted..Fun Photos in Laurel Bank Park with Belle ImagesMy Profile

    • Hey Angela! We did WW together, do you remember? You did look great {I assume you still do, haven’t seen you in a while…} We can all do this! The last time I dropped weight {before BabyCool} I dropped it over winter, it was so great to get to spring and be able to buy lots of new pretty clothes two sizes smaller!

      Thanks for coming over to my blog, really touched. Really.

  9. You have just motivated me to get my wobbly bits wiggling & move some of this excess weight. You are so right – the only thing stopping me is me! And a fridge full of Lindt…
    Nèe recently posted..Do you fart, fluff or pass wind like the queen?My Profile

    • Did you know that Lindt bunnies are now half price? {Hmmm, not helpful..}

      Seems like we need a group so we can all get moving!

  10. I always feel gross if I’m overweight too. I just don’t cope with it, but I have major issues with this sort of stuff anyway.

    I hope it all falls of as quickly as you hope. Xxx
    Jess recently posted..#TeamIBOTMy Profile

    • Thanks for coming over! I have comments from a few #teamIBOTs… Very cool!

      I hate body issue things… I just wish I could be happy with whatever size/shape I was… but I am not. It is not easy being B sometimes.

  11. Once upon a time I used to be skinny as a rake handle (just 48kg at my wedding). Now my 15 y.o. daughter weighs more than that, and I have added about 20 kilos to my wedding weight! I was too thin and never thought that I would struggle with weight gain but *le sigh* (love the way you say this) it happens to us all eventually. One thing I will say is that I am a lot healthier now and the reason I was so skinny is that I was a very stressed young person … these days I’m a size 14 / 16 and will never shop in Supre or Valley Girl or Ice again but hey I think I still look pretty good for my age (well hubster says I do anyways!!!)
    Janet recently posted..Is the Lord here – or not?!My Profile

    • I guess this comes down to being comfortable with where you are at. Very envious that you are there. I bet my ‘hubster’ wishes that I was more content too… This post is coming off the back of a change in my wellness… I want to feel fit and healthy again. Oh, how I miss that!

      Thanks for stopping by lovely… Love it.

  12. Hi B! Yes I do remember! I have been going to a WW meeting around once a month, but still havent gotten around to tracking again. And I just ate a little Lindt bunny while sitting here. There’s always tomorrow, right?

    • Yep there is. I do it on-line. The app is great. However, I really really hate tracking. But, it works. So I must.

      Lindt bunnies are now half price. Just thought you might like to know!

  13. Catherine says:

    I love that you can only start a diet on a Monday because that is exactly the way I feel. I also can’t start if I know there is birthday cake coming after the initially intended start date! Unfortunately, that means I gave myself full permission to eat whatever I liked for another week and gained another 900 grams…. D’oh!
    So, I am starting again this coming Monday. Thanks for the motivation. I can only blame myself for coming home from holidays and searching out those half-price Lindt bunnies!

    • There were 1/4 priced Lindt bunnies at Coles this morning! You will be very pleased to know that I resisted.

      Thanks for commenting, very sweet of you. You have always been so motivating and supportive of me and my weight loss journey!

  14. Well, I followed a personal diet and lost around 8 kgs in a month!

    To sum it up

    ~Lots of proteins rich and green veggies
    ~No sugar/dairy/processed stuff.

    That’s it and it worked pretty good.
    Erin recently posted..What Makes Weight Loss Goals Achievable?My Profile