Fashion: How To Wear Brown Boots With A Black Dress

Last year I bought some lovely boots. Truly lovely boots. They are caramel brown leather and so comfy and so timeless… I love them. I was a little concerned coming into winter this year and wondering if my boots would still be ‘hip’. I paid a lot for them {which is rare in these days of children, school fees and being a SAHM} so I was hoping to get another season out of them… I sighed an audible sigh of relief walking through the Myer shoe department and seeing my beloved boots on the shelves for the second year.

I have been wondering what to wear my boots with this year. Last year I wore them with my skinny legged jeans and trusty Country Road cardigan, I know I will wear this combination again this year too! But… I snaffled up a great little black jersey dress for winter at a sale a while ago. It was scrunched up at the bottom of the sale basket, it was a good lesson in having a REALLY good poke around in the basket and then asking how much they would take for the crumpled dusty item that I could see would work really well for me. They asked for $5. Yep… $5. I have been wondering whether I can wear my boots with this black dress…

I have not played around over at Polyvore for a while and I thought this might be a way of working out if I can wear my black dress and brown boots. I have come up with a few outfits that have me all inspired to hunt around for some more accessories and bits and bobs to get the most out of my dress and my boots for winter. I think I will be able to wear these outfits to work… being a teacher means one has to dress in a way that is comfy and practical. I don’t always like to do this though…

Here are the basics, this black dress is very similar to the style of dress I have… Mine has a bit of an assymetrical twist at the front and a bit of elastic in the waiste – VERY hard to find an exact match on Polyvore… But, you will get the idea…

black dress brown boots

I have named these outfits after places I would like to go …. as a teacher… in London… Because I can…

I thought yellow might be a good colour to tone down the black and highlight the brown. I love the idea of scarves and I will definitely wear tights with the boots. Lets call this outfit….

Having fun on a library tour in Camden…. 

black dress brown boots yellow accessories

I then thought that it would be great to tie the warmth of the brown in the boots with some accessories. I found some great wooden jewellery with warm colours and interesting shapes. Having funky tights would be an integral part of these outfits. I think that earthy toned make-up is essential when wearing yellow -but I am far from being an expert on this! Let’s call this outfit…

Taking a study tour of the V&A Museum in Kensington…. 

I then thought spots…. Oh how I love spots. Especially black spots. Add a splash of red and you have my dream outfit. I think that the red would break up the black and {off} whiteness of the outfit. A splash of bright red lipstick would really set off the edginess of this ensemble. Let’s call this outfit…

A spot of meridian watching in Greenwich…

Then … I thought that the combination of the boots and LBD could be really dressed up. A lovely wool hat and a great coat has a very ‘how do you do’ feel about it. Pair these with tan leather accessories – oh my – how lovely and dressy and elegant! Red lipstick a must! Let’s call this one…

A walking tour of St James Park…


So…. where are we going to go class?

Which outfit takes your fancy? I cannot go past the spots. I am going to have to get me some spotty tights. Yes. I. Am.

Would you like to know the best way to store your tall brown boots? Check this out!

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  • Janet

    I went op shopping today … & I’m going to make you really jealous … I bought a pair of black knee high boots. They are a perfect fit, and just what I wanted – nice heel without being too high or too chunky; leather; look like new; and just $9.

    Then I got home and googled the brand – Joanne Mercer, which didn’t mean much to me. Until I found boots are like $250 new!!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Janet recently posted..Feeling InvisibleMy Profile

    • B

      That is a GREAT find! Wow! I love it when that happens! I popped into my favourite op-shop yesterday and walked out with nothing. Some days, are like that…

  • Jane Ido

    Hi B,

    What a great aricle you have! I like your fashion style. It so cool to put or wear something new on a Black Dress. I learned a lot on this !
    Jane Ido recently posted..What To Wear With A Black Dress – Should I Worry About Visible Panty Lines?My Profile

  • Rachel

    Love this B! I’m so glad you did this. I just bought some lovely brown boots in the Sportscraft sale and have been wearing them with black and brown. I can’t afford to buy another pair of black boots so I’m making my brown boots work with black…dammit! I love your suggestions. My favourite is the V&A suggestion. Thank you for telling me about Polyvore. I was wondering how you put everything together! Rachx
    Rachel recently posted..Fifty Shades of…Oh my!My Profile

    • B

      Oh no, I let my secret out! Polyvore is very cool… I have a few posts ready to roll out…

      I like the V&A outfit too…

      Thanks for stopping by…

  • melissa

    i like your outfits but what color tights/stockings are you wearing with each?

    • B

      Hi Melissa, each of the outfits has a pair of tights in it… Yellow, spotted, herringbone – any kind of tights are fabulous with black and brown; especially if you can use accessories to tie in the tights with the rest of the outfit!

  • Deirdre

    I love your boots, where did you get them?

    • B

      I got them from Myer… They are Diana Ferrari – but they are few years old now… There are lots of similar ones around at the moment.

  • CursiveTea

    Way late but I LOVE the Greenwich spot outfit. ..beautiful!