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My lovely bloggy friend Kimbalikes wrote me some GREAT guest posts a little while ago… Remember? One on buying cosmetics from a beauty counter and the other about what make-up a girl needs and tips? I was so chuffed to have Kimba write for me… I met Kimba at Blogopolis and she asked me how I put together my fashion posts about dream outfits.

One of my favourite kinds of blog posts to write are my fashion posts using the fabulous website called Polyvore. Polyvore lets you play dress ups and practice with clothes and colour combinations, it is really fun and addictive! To give you an idea of some of the posts I have written using Polyvore, click here: Polyvore Posts

Kimba asked if I would write a blog post about how I do it… And… because she is so nice, how could I say no? I feel as if I am giving away some of my secrets, but, blogging is sharing, so here goes…

First of all this is what the Polyvore website looks like:

To be able to play with the collage side of Polyvore, you will need to sign up. It is free, you just need an email address and a come up with a password.

Now, there are a few things you can do on the home page, you can follow people and check out their outfits, you can ask questions and you can shop. I prefer to just create…

This gives you a screen divided into two sections. The left hand side is the side where you will create your collage of cool clothes and bags and shoes…

And the right hand side has all of your options… You can choose from the various categories and the different options you have for adding embellishments and things.

I am going to build a simple outfit for you today, firstly I will start with a skirt. I have a choice of selecting a colour from the drop down squares or I can add a description – such as ‘Short’ or ‘Mini’ etc… Be warned, there are thousands upon thousands of options – note how many pages of skirts there are?

When you find something you like, you simply use your mouse to pick it up and drag it to your collage…

Then you can start adding other bits and pieces to create an outfit.

Adjust the sizing so that your outfit is all in proportion. I choose one item to balance everything else. Simply click and drag to adjust things.


I love working from the basic skirt/pants then adding the shirt/top. I then like to match things like bags and earrings and all that pretty stuff. It is like playing dress-ups with other people’s clothes! I really love working with interesting colour groups and I like to mix textures as well…

To complete your look you can add backgrounds and texts and jazz it all up to look fancy. When I put them on my blog, I tend to keep the backgrounds white, I like to keep things simple.


When you have finished your masterpiece, you can ‘Publish’ it. This sends it to your own little board on Polyvore. This can also be sent to link to Facebook and Pinterest and things. When you do this step, you will have the chance to name your outfits and add some descriptions. Very cool.

This is my final outfit…. I am dreaming of spring and adding COLOUR to my wardrobe!


This is a trick I learnt just now…. If you click on this little button….

You get this box here, which gives you HTML code which you can simply copy and paste into your blog… Wow – I have been doing this the hard way all this time!

And it then looks like this…

Please Hurry Up Spring


I hope that you have found this to be really helpful Kimba! There are more tricks and tips I could share, but I might have to save that for another post… Now, go and play and see what pretty things you can come up with!


 Don’t forget to look me up on Polyvore as bbeingcool-1!


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  1. Thank you – that is so cool. I have seen them for ages but did not have the first clue how to make my own! I don’t have room in my life for another addiction but will have a play asap!
    Deb @ Home life simplified recently posted..How to build kids confidence and independenceMy Profile

    • Excellent! It is a bit of fun. Fortunately, it fits in to my blog content very well!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks fab, B! x
    Kim-Marie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday : Mama and BoyoMy Profile

  3. Ahhh, so much fun playing around on Polyvore … it makes up for all the Barbie dolls I never had as a child! And love the little NYC reference 😉
    Nikki @ Styling You recently posted..Guest post: 10 things I’d wish I’d known about blogging when I startedMy Profile

    • Haha! You saw it! I meant to tweet you about it! But, because I was so distracted by fascinating Facebook conversations yesterday, I had to do my cleaning today, no time for twittering! Thanks for visiting!

  4. A huge thanks to Kimba Likes for pointing me in your style board direction. I’ve just commenced an online style challenge and would love to have you on board. You also rated a little mention on Agent Mystery Case today.


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