Home: Op Shop Finds {or Thrifting for those posh peeps}

I have been going on about Op Shopping lately. I just love the thrill of the chase and the opportunity to snaffle something really totally cool…

I look at clothes mostly when I op-shop, but… I have picked up some AMAZING things for around the house too. I thought I would share some of my favourite op-shop {or thrifted – which is a much prettier word} housey finds…

Have you seen my porch furniture before?

Totally cool and totally original and totally $40! I will be painting our front door this groovy green/blue and making some cushions for the futon on our porch to match. It is going to be really lovely!

I picked up this great bowl for $1 – the man at the St Vinnies store pealed the original store price of $29.99 off the bottom and told me to have a nice day. Why… thank you! I will! I am going to plant some succulents in this.

Do you love Tupperware? Well, I picked up these three sandwich keepers for $5 – for the set. How amazing is that! I could not leave them there for that!

I bought this picture only for the frame for my command centre… But, when I got home and saw how intricate the frame was and then had a good hard look at the picture, I just couldn’t part with it! It is a painting of Marigolds, painted in oil in 1967 by Elizabeth. I cannot just rip this picture out and replace it with something to help organise my home! So, it hangs in my bedroom. I like it. Mr Cool does not.

I picked up this glass bowl for $4. When we have salad for dinner, I often have to use a REALLY big salad bowl. When I saw this, I thought it would be the perfect size, and it is. However, it often holds fruit… which it does in a very pretty way also. I would love to think it is ‘Depression Glass’ or ‘Pushed Glass’ but I suspect it is totally not.

I love a tea set. I decided when I was in my twenties that I would collect rose china… I had quite a bit too, then we moved to London and  then I realised I had no idea about buying china and also thought it a bit naff… But, I couldn’t part with this tea set, it now holds a place in my heart. Every so often I pull it out and the girls and I have tea parties with all the pretty things… It is nice.

When we lived in London, Mr Cool bought me this coffee set, with roses from a op-shop as a cute valentine’s gift. Isn’t he the sweetest? I have carried this from house to house and town to town and will do until I pass it on to one of the girls. It may not be Royal Albert, but it holds lots of memories of a great time in our lives.


When buying homewares here are some tips:

  1. If it smells and can’t be washed – don’t buy it.
  2. If you are never ever going to use it – don’t buy it.
  3. If it is broken, chipped, dented, rusted, or damaged in anyway – don’t buy it.
  4. If it is a brand you know and trust and fits with your decor – buy it.
  5. If it is a once in a life time, someone has no idea how valuable this thing is item – buy it.
  6. If you can repurpose it in a very cool and hip way – buy it.

Happy thrifting!


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  1. Good advice. I never thrift shop but I love seeing the bargains people find. I really should give it a go. Rachel x
    Rachel from Redcliffe Style recently posted..Hunger Games fashion and giveawayMy Profile

    • My mum has always been an op-shopper… she was up-cycling before it was cool. I grew up spending holidays trawling through racks of clothes and things for just the right item. Then, mum would take us to Myer to buy something that matched it, or she would make us a skirt or a shirt that completed the outfit. I thought it was sooo normal, but I am learning more and more that this was kinda quirky… But, I was always a very well dressed kid!

      You should try it… you might like it!
      B recently posted..Life: How to Chillax {Printable}My Profile

  2. What awesome bargains! And great tips too. You and Kim have really inspired me this week, I just want to go op-shopping now!
    Kelly @ HT and T recently posted..Sleep Success!My Profile

    • Yay! Inspiration to go op-shopping is always cool!

      Hope you find lots of cool things – just remember, you don’t always find something – you have be cool with that!

      Thanks for stopping by! Lovely to have you here!
      B recently posted..Life: How to Chillax {Printable}My Profile

  3. You’ve got me thinking now B! I can’t say I’ve ever even thought to look for homewares at op shops, we normally snavel a few ‘name brand’ clothes there for the kids and that’s all. I love your porch furniture, very cool!!
    Jacqui (CRAP Mamma) recently posted..The Being – Part 3 (The Chosen One) {Short Tale Tuesday}My Profile