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Saturday Bonus Reading…

I have been given an extra hour or two today. My mum has the girls, BabyCool is asleep and Mr Cool is pottering about… so I have taken the chance just to sit still and take stock…

Of course, I have been thinking about my blog, it seems to occupy a lot of my thinking time lately, which is fine, and it is not.

I have been thinking about how my blog has evolved. It began as a black and white blog, no images, no links, no buttons or doo-dads. It was the emptying of my head.

Then I began to change things and I wrote about all sorts of things…

Then I found some groups that were in to writing – stories and memoirs and other things like this…. After a while I decided that this was not where I was going and honed things even more. Now I write about a few things and try to fit the things I write about into these categories…

In a lot of ways I am ticking a lot of blog boxes. I am doing a lot of things right and the things I need to improve on are easy to do when I have the time…

But, I don’t know about you, but something is missing from this here blog… Something… not quite right…not quite fully there.

What I think what has happened is that I have squeezed ME out of this space. This space that began as the emptying of my head and my stories and my life questions has turned into a machine of topics and searches and getting hits. None of this is BAD, it is just… not quite me… I am feeling a bit … held back by the need to write about certain topics and categories.

I don’t know what to do with this new found realisation of squeezedness… Maybe I will take a risk and write a story from time to time. Or maybe I will move a scheduled post to another day so I can write about the weather…



What do you come to bbeingcool to read?

POST EDIT: Oh dear… now I have just had a massive brain pop!

I think I am doing this with my LIFE! I am so busy ticking things off lists and putting things in to categories that I am not actually being truly B.

I love making a HOME for my family, I love living LIFE well, I love… lots of things. But, I am not DOING anything about it because I keep squeezing things out…

Oh boy… I am gonna need some time to think about this one.

Ouch – my brain hurts….

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  1. I read for you, of course! But I think you are still very here. I do know what you mean though. I’ve taken a big step back from my blog lately as things weren’t… flowing. I feel like my writing has become forced to fit in with certain memes or expectations. Not sure how to fix it. I thought I’d get some real writing happening this morning but it hasn’t worked. For me blogging has to be “organic” or it isn’t fun. You’ll find your way xx
    Née Say recently posted..Gotta love a Muffin Break {Review & Giveaway}My Profile

  2. B – i love this, and as you well know I have been asking myself much the same questions the past few weeks. I think when you lose the you in what ever you are doing, be it blogging, or life, you lose the sparkle and it can begin to feel like ticking boxes and crossing off lists.
    Personally, i am drawn very much to who you are – your vibrant personality, your humour, your creativity.. you know when you ‘meet’ people and you just feel drawn/connected? that. Sometimes I can relate to what you are writing, sometimes I can’t, sometimes they draw me out of comfort zones. I might not always comment, but I am here reading and pondering. xx
    Lyndal recently posted..a better placeMy Profile

    • Thanks Lyndal…. It was YOUR post that had me thinking… Thanks to YOU for being so raw and honest, it made me realise I used to be more like this…

  3. Kimbalikes says:

    Hi B, I’m feeling a bit the same myself. I tweeted you a Good Googs post link too. Zoey said it much more eloquently than I can. X
    Kimbalikes recently posted..Salute to the SAHMMy Profile

    • Oh, I am glad I am not the only one! It seems that the more we push ourselves to write better and be better bloggers the more potential there is to lose a bit of focus on what is really important {which is family and friends and being REAL}. Thanks for sending the link – I will check it out in a tick….