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It is 2pm – you know that you don’t have the time to tackle a big job before the school pick-up, but you don’t want to just sit and watch a daytime soapie. Don’t underestimate the power of 10 minutes. You can actually achieve a LOT in that little bit of time.

Here are 10 things you can do to be productive and tick off one of those jobs that you have been putting off, or, had never thought needed doing!

1. Wash and wipe a load of dishes– this is my dreaded job, but in 10 minutes you can get a lot done.

2. Fold a load of washing– even if you don’t get it all done, at least you have started.

3. Throw out old food from the fridge– this can take minutes but can save a lot of gross discoveries at another time!

4. Clean the light fittings in one room– use warm soapy water and a cloth, then dry with a tea towel or soft cloth.

5. Write a weekly menu and a co-ordinating shopping list– it doesn’t take long but can save you a lot of time at the grocery store and in food preparation time.

6. Dust and tidy one room– another job that you think can take ages, but really, it doesn’t.

7. Vacuum as much of your house as you can in 10 minutes– you will be surprised by how far you get!

8. Clean all the mirrors in your house, including those inside wardrobe doors – I very rarely remember to do this unless I want to see what my shoes look like and can’t see due to sticky finger smudges.

9. Tidy outside the front door – move the mat, sweep, tidy plants, put shoes away, you could even clean your front door with some kind of spray stuff and a wet cloth.

10. Pick up things from the floor throughout the house and put them away in their right spot- I need to get better at this. I tend to get a collection of random things that never end up getting put away properly.

What do you do just before school pick-up time?

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  1. Great list – thanks for making me think about what I could do with 10 mins !
    Have the best day !
    Me recently posted..Happy Birthday Mom !My Profile

  2. Such a good list. I am far more productive in a quick spurt than I can be for hours!! The fridge clean out is a good one, but the first time is likely to take me a week of 10 minutes 😉
    Née Say recently posted..Tick Tock: Is that my biological clock?My Profile

  3. PS. I will have to stop visiting your site because every time I come I get tempted into clicking through to Verily & buying stuff!!!
    Née Say recently posted..Tick Tock: Is that my biological clock?My Profile

  4. I am the queen of the quick clean up. Some excellent suggestions here. I’ll be using them next time I have 10 minutes. Especially, the clean the fridge. Auughh! Rachel x
    Rachel from Redcliffe Style recently posted..Organised Chaos: My blogging scheduleMy Profile

  5. Great list. Except for one thing. A spare ten minutes? What’s that?
    Caitlin recently posted..12 Month Old TripletsMy Profile

  6. I often use this as a break from work. I’ll hop up for 10 minutes and do a quick job (like the washing up or tidying the toy room) and then sit back down with a clear mind. I hate cleaning, but love having a clean home so doing it in 10 minute bursts is perfect.
    workingwomenaus recently posted..How do you measure your success?My Profile