Life: How To Be Cool – Part 4 – Love Your Life

A month or so ago, I spoke at a Women’s Retreat. I was allowed to speak about whatever I wanted. So of course, I decided to talk about ‘Being Cool’. I spent a lot of time putting together my talk, so I decided I would share what I spoke about bit by bit here every Friday…

This series is in 3 Parts:

1) My journey through PND – read more about that here

2) Being Cool – The 5 Elements

3) Reflection


The 5 Elements of Cool are:

1) Know who you are

2) Be at your best

3) Love your life

4) Never stop learning

5) Live with Purpose


Today, I am talking about ‘Being Cool – Element #5)


  • Your life is cool. Your life is amazing. YOU have a story to tell. Embrace this! No one has had the experiences, the people, the chemistry that you have had. Your life story is so unique and important and amazing, if you are willing to share it, you will inspire people. Trust me.
  • You can only really make YOURSELF happy.For years I was hoping Mr Cool would make me happy. That was a big responsibility for him… it wasn’t fair to put that on him. I had to work out what I needed to be happy and work on it. The more time I gave to this, the happier I was and then I was able to give more to my family and Mr Cool. It is funny that we all think we have to put ourselves last in order for others to be happy, but, I have found that by taking care of myself and ensuring I am happy, allowed others too to work out how to be happy…. Life is strange like that sometimes!
  • My PND was triggered my mothering taking over my life. I was so focussed on feeding and sleeping and cleaning and teaching my baby, that I lost site of the things I loved doing. By doing some things that made ME happy, I was in turn a better person.By starting to write again, by exercising, by spending time with people who build me up I started becoming a much easier person to be around. By letting go of some of the control and just enjoying life, has made a HUGE difference to our family. {Please don’t think I am all about ME ME ME though, I still give most of my time to my family, but every so often, I put my needs first and this helps to keep me balanced and happy for my family… does that make sense?}
  • We all have things we struggle with, I struggle with depression and some of the relationships in my life are difficult, but, each day, I choose to do better and to love what I do. I am now at a point where I see that even though to some, my depression is my biggest weakness, I see it as my greatest strength. I can talk to people on a deep level really easily, I can sense when others are hurting, these are good things. I would not know these things without my story of depression.Your story has made you able to do things that others can’t. Our biggest struggles can be our biggest achievements. Don’t see your weaknesses as those things that hold you back, but see them as opportunities to grow and to do better and be stronger.
  • Each week on my blog I write a post about things I am thankful for. There are so many things. Really. I would challenge you to end your day thinking of things in your day that you are thankful for.

We live in a time where things happen so fast that taking time for quiet reflection is often over looked. Our family take the time often to talk about our favourite things that happened through the day and we also end the day being thankful. We are trying {TRYING} really hard to instil an attitude of thankfulness in our children, but it ain’t easy! We have been working hard to model this to them {and they still don’t pick it up!}

So… some questions for you…

      • Do you love your life? Why/Why not?
      • What is your story? What are the things in your life that have made you the way you are? {Good and Bad}
      • Are you seeing your weaknesses as something to shy away from talking about or as things to be proud to have overcome?
      • If you don’t love your life right now, do you know why? Are you brave enough to dig deeper and write down why you don’t like the life you are living?  Are there some things you can do in the next week that can make a small step towards loving your life?
      • Just realise that life has seasons… When you have tiny babies and your body is all squishy and you are tired, things can feel overwhelming. When you have children who are sick and have done many nights of interrupted sleep, things can feel overwhelming. When life has changed suddenly and you find you have to catch your breath, things can feel overwhelming. Life throws curveballs, but for this exercise, look beyond what is going on on the surface.
      • NOTE: You don’t have to answer these questions in the comments section – they are just here to get you thinking about your life…


But… a question I would LOVE an answer in the comments is:

Are you Loving the Life You Live?


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  1. I think it is fantastic that you have written this. Well done
    Declutterbug recently posted..Congratulations on your new addictionMy Profile

    • Thanks lovely… It has been great to get some of this ‘out there’, it has been in my head for ages. I think I need to read back through this and get my butt back into gear with it all though!

  2. If you’d asked me that question 12 months ago I would have said I wasn’t loving anything at all, but I changed my job and my attitude and now life is amazing. I am blessed with a great family and wonderful friends.
    Carol recently posted..Special Photo Challenge – InspirationMy Profile

    • That is awesome Carol! I love hearing about women seeing an area that needs changing and shaking things up. Good on you!

  3. I often wonder if people perceive me to be a ‘me, me, me’ person when I talk little of my hubby or kidlets. It’s not that they are any less important or an integral part of my life but a lot of the time it really is about me. My moods affect the atmosphere in the house, my reactions teach my kidlets by example and my cooking/cleaning/crafty stuff contributes to giving my family a home – see me, me, me haha
    Stacey-Lee recently posted..TEAM Friday: Find Another WayMy Profile

    • Ahh… I hear ya!

      I think to some degree we are all about ‘me, me, me’ and that on the most part that is okay… I had a friend a while ago who ONLY talked about her children, she could NOT talk about herself – it was kind of creepy. I think it is healthy to find yourself interesting….

  4. I think it is a cliche but ture that the things that don’t kill you do make you stronger. And wiser too. Most of us have to learn the hard way that we need to take care of ourselves to be cool. It works!

    • Yep. I know it is not cool to have been through PND, but – I am stronger and know myself and my limits really well. I also know those things that bring me joy and those that do not.

      Thanks for stopping by lovely!

  5. This is such a great post and I love these questions you put at the end. It is so true that happiness comes from within.
    Rita recently posted..Scrapbooking – Part 3My Profile