Fashion: How To Wear Plum (When you don’t have a Cluedo)

How to Wear Plum - When You Don_t Have A Cluedo - Polyvore

I am loving seeing some different colours returning to our stores. I am loving seeing navy, burgundy and emerald greens again, even though it brings me back to 1993. I love that colours come back and we get to try them again with different fabrics and different styles.

I am loving that PLUM is on our Winter Palette of colours again.

I have drawn my inspiration for this lookbook from the Cleudo board game. You know with Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett and Mrs White? Who said ‘Professor Plum’ had to be a man? Not me!

Let’s begin with the library…


How To Wear Plum - In The Library - Polyvore

I am loving that dresses are back, and not the tunic style, slouchy dresses of the past few years, but PROPER dresses, with a waist and a neckline and that va-va-voom that a good dress gives to a curvy behind! This would be  a great dress to wear to work or for a meeting. You could dress it down with some flat boots and a cardigan for a dinner and a movie date.


How To Wear Plum - Leather Pants

Have you heard that leather (or faux-leather) pants are going to be THE item of the season? If not, I am sorry to break the news to you! I do love the look of them, especially with a poncho style top, some killer pointy shoes and some bling. I love the whole ‘Rock and Roll-ness’ of leather pants, I am not yet sure whether I will be partaking of this trend, I am thinking a pair of skinny black jeans might suit me just fine.

How to Wear Plum - With mustard

Plum and mustard are fabulous together. So retro, so hip and so right NOW! Do you still have some mustard items in your wardrobe that would love another season of play? Maybe you have a tote, or a scarf or some shoes. Pull them out, dust them off and add some plum and you are set for a winter of fabulous colour!

How To Wear Plum - With Peplum and leather - Polyvore

I love the look of the peplum top, but it has to be matched with just the right thing on the bottom half. This peplum top is by Alexander McQueen and is about 4000 pounds of loveliness. This is not something I would EVER buy, but I do love the idea behind it. I love the texture and the colour and the shape. With this metallic leather skirt and killer heels, this outfit is a show stopper! Don’t feel you have to spend that much to look fantastic, peplum and pencil skirts are everywhere. Look for good quality fabrics and lovely colours at your favourite stores.

How To Wear Plum - With Beige and Tan

I am LOVING this look at the moment. I love shirt dresses as sometimes I feel too curvy in some of the more tailored dresses. The beige and the plum and the tan are just so… right. Or am I showing my country roots here?

Do you have any plum in your wardrobe?

How about some mustard?

What colours can’t you get enough of in this year’s Winter Palette?


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  1. Well now I want to see what Miss Scarlet and Mrs Peacock will be wearing next season, very lovely and clever!

  2. I’ll have Professor Plum in the lounge with the mustard handbag! When I was younger and we played Cluedo, I always bugged everyone by, every time someone said ‘Miss Scarlett’ I would say, in a very loud Gone-With-the-Wind-maid (now politically incorrect) voice “Miss Scarlett! Miss Scarlett!”
    Gillian recently posted..Sugar Skull GirlMy Profile

    • Oh YES! That is sooooo you! You quirky chick you!

      I can also imagine I would LOVE to play Cluedo with you!

  3. Love the leather pants and the peplum tops


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