About B


Hi, my name is Belinda… but, please, do call me B.

I began a quest a few years ago: to find out how to be cool before I got too old to really appreciate it. What I have discovered in this quest is that just trying to find out how to be cool is cool. By discovering new things, challenging yourself, doing what you love, sharing your life with friends and savouring life’s valuable lessons make you totally cool.

As with life, blogs change and evolve. I am in a season of my life that my family and I call, ‘The Treehouse Days’. We have moved into a house we adore, surrounded by trees and creatures, set high up on a hill overlooking our mountaintop city. This amazing change of setting has sent me spinning into a new world of creativity, gratefulness and opportunity.

Here at bbeingcool you will find posts about fashion, food, life and other miscellany…

Grab a cup of tea, and sit down for a cosy read from a friendly friend.

xx B