Lessons from Problogger: What did you want to be when you were a child?

Lessons - Problogger - 1

What do you get when you get 450 bloggers in one room? Well… I would have to say you get ‘Magic.’ Something incredible happens when you have people dedicated to (over)sharing their lives, their wardrobes and their families on a daily basis gathered in one place. Something even more magical happens when they are all ready to learn, to improve their craft and to make connections. Something even more special happens when these 450 bloggers put themselves in a space to be challenged, encouraged and {Read More}

Things In The Background

Things in the background

I love reading blogs. I love reading other people’s stories, I love to comment and share and I love to look at all the pretty geekery that makes blogs look so pretty. It is easy to look at a blog and think that the blogger is sharing everything. I understand this; bloggers are chronic over-sharers, it is part of our nature. So… when you look at my blog, it may be easy to think that I sit around all day {Read More}

What I have learnt from my blogging break

Things I have Learnt

I am coming to the end of a little blogging break. I wish I could explain why I felt I needed to do this, but I can’t. The story is long and boring and self-indulgent. I will return to blogging on the 1st of April,  but just thought I would put up this post with some of the things that have been going through my head over the last few days…. Things I thought I would have learnt during my {Read More}

If Project: One Month To Go

If Project - Header - Intro

Once upon a time I lived in London. I rode the tube, I ordered ‘open’ chips, I walked the streets after dark and I said ‘idnit’. For 18 glorious months, Mr Cool and I lived, worked and breathed this amazing city. We would spend time on Friday nights at one of a dozen curry houses near our flat to discuss what we would do and see on Saturday. We always included a museum or an art gallery, some shopping and {Read More}

Home – How To Bring New Life To An Old Filing Cabinet

Home - Filing Cabinet - Craft Draw

I have been busy getting my house into an organised state. I am a bit of a clean freak, but not so organised. I have always balked at the thought of getting myself organised as it is just… so… boring… and there are a million things I would rather do than to go through piles of paper and file things and sort and store and… are you all still awake? I signed up to do the The Organised Housewife’s 20 Day {Read More}

Drawing: Draw me OCTOBER


  Thanks to all of those who played along with #drawmeseptember. I was so amazed by the amount of people who drew EVERY picture – very cool! There were over 600 pictures in the collection – wow! I really did enjoy the #drawmeseptember challenge… even though I got so far behind it took a while to catch up again. But… a new month… a new start. Here is how to play… 1) Print out the prompts 2) Draw the picture {Read More}

Life: Guest Posting at Bloxham Marketing

Bloxham Marketing

I have been busy guest posting around the place lately!  Today, I am over at Bloxham Marketing…  By day, I am a teacher, I teach a few days a week in a fantastic school. I love being in the classroom and have the loveliest class. Very blessed to have this gig. My friend Ceridwyn from Bloxham Marketing, has asked me to write a blog post about what my ideal classroom would look like, specifically, what technology I would use. Check {Read More}

SBR – Thinkin’ about stuff

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking

Saturday Bonus Reading… I have been given an extra hour or two today. My mum has the girls, BabyCool is asleep and Mr Cool is pottering about… so I have taken the chance just to sit still and take stock… Of course, I have been thinking about my blog, it seems to occupy a lot of my thinking time lately, which is fine, and it is not. I have been thinking about how my blog has evolved. It began as {Read More}

Life: {Blogging} Upgrading from a 1976 Volvo

Volvo badge

{Image} When I began blogging a few years ago, I felt like I was driving a 1976 Volvo. Blogger was so new to me and gave me freedom and adventure and needed little maintenance for its upkeep. I used Blogger for a few years and it was great – I was able to do all the things I needed to do with it… But, it didn’t have air conditioning, it didn’t have retractable seatbelts, in fact, the windows didn’t even {Read More}

Thankful Thursday – Blogopolis: A Wrap Up…

Oh, I could write ten posts on what I learnt at Blogopolis last week! But, I have narrowed it down to just a few… I guess what I have taken awayfrom Blogopolis is a sense that bloggers are really generous people, or at least that they should be! I met some lovely bloggers, some of the big wigs and some of the newbies like myself. And most were so friendly and encouraging and most shared their stories and some tips, {Read More}

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