What am I about: What gives me energy?

  Energy… This is something that seems to ebb and flow isn’t it? Sometimes energy is high and life is buoyant and fun and things get kicked off the to do list. When energy is low, things go down hill fast, things start piling up and the to do list gets longer and longer. It is good to be reminded about what things gives me energy, so that I can top up on those things that add zest to my {Read More}

What am I about: What are my passions?

  I have been feeling really challenged lately to start taking myself seriously. I have a way of fobbing off praise and I have a way of downplaying what I do, thinking that everyone does the things I do. I have always been taught that the highest aspiration for us all is to be ‘normal.’ I have always struggled with this notion that I would have to try to ‘be normal,’ is it even a thing? In the challenge to {Read More}

What am I about: What expertise and skills do I have?

Okay… so today I am meant to write about what I am good at. Let me preface by saying that I am not good at doing THIS! I am good at telling you what I am NOT good at… Sigh. Okay… So… Cooking: This is kind of my super skill. I love cooking. It is often my way of bringing good into the world. I like to cook for others. I am kind of like Fast Eddy mixed with Nigella {Read More}

What am I about: What experiences (good and bad) have I had?

I am in the middle of a ‘Clarity Challenge’ here at bbbeingcool. I began with some honesty. Then I shared about what I am interested in.   My blogging path has had its highs and lows and its doldrums and stormy seas. All of these things have been mirrored by my real life. The past two years have been two of the toughest years of my life. Loneliness, illness, directionless, big things bubbling away in the background to do with {Read More}

What am I about: What interests do I have?

I explained yesterday how I have lost a bit of focus when it comes to my blog. I am doing a little ‘Clarity Challenge’ that I have set myself, I was prompted to do this by questions posed by this blog post by Darren Rowse, the Problogger. Today, I am exploring what my interests are… Here we go… Family: I adore my family. My Mr Cool and our three kids are my all. We are really  passionate about having kids {Read More}

What am I about: Begin with honesty…

  I have something to share with you. I am a bit nervous about sharing it but it has gotten to the point where it is unavoidable. My blog is not working. It is working ‘mechanically’ speaking. But… to me, it is just not working. I have not been writing as much lately, and that is because there has been so much happening in my Real Life that I have just been pre-occupied. Not busy, I am trying to get {Read More}

Lessons from Problogger: What did you want to be when you were a child?

What do you get when you get 450 bloggers in one room? Well… I would have to say you get ‘Magic.’ Something incredible happens when you have people dedicated to (over)sharing their lives, their wardrobes and their families on a daily basis gathered in one place. Something even more magical happens when they are all ready to learn, to improve their craft and to make connections. Something even more special happens when these 450 bloggers put themselves in a space to be challenged, encouraged and {Read More}

Things In The Background

I love reading blogs. I love reading other people’s stories, I love to comment and share and I love to look at all the pretty geekery that makes blogs look so pretty. It is easy to look at a blog and think that the blogger is sharing everything. I understand this; bloggers are chronic over-sharers, it is part of our nature. So… when you look at my blog, it may be easy to think that I sit around all day {Read More}

What I have learnt from my blogging break

I am coming to the end of a little blogging break. I wish I could explain why I felt I needed to do this, but I can’t. The story is long and boring and self-indulgent. I will return to blogging on the 1st of April,  but just thought I would put up this post with some of the things that have been going through my head over the last few days…. Things I thought I would have learnt during my {Read More}

If Project: One Month To Go

Once upon a time I lived in London. I rode the tube, I ordered ‘open’ chips, I walked the streets after dark and I said ‘idnit’. For 18 glorious months, Mr Cool and I lived, worked and breathed this amazing city. We would spend time on Friday nights at one of a dozen curry houses near our flat to discuss what we would do and see on Saturday. We always included a museum or an art gallery, some shopping and {Read More}

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