Drawing: The Chalk Loveheart: Part 2

Find Part 1 of this story here…. Gwendolyn could not believe her eyes. He was there. 21 floors down. He was actually there. She was frozen in disbelief and amazement and confusion. She had guessed that he had disappeared without a trace. Never to be seen again. He ran so fast out of her life at times she wondered if had ever been there. All that was left of him was a small bag of personal items he neglected to {Read More}

Draw Me October: The Chalk Loveheart – A Short Short Story

The morning began with songs; the birds, the radio and Mr Solomon singing in the shower next door. Gwendolyn tried to convince herself that it was not yet time to face the day. She buried her head into her pillow and tried to remember where she was up to in her dream. Gwendolyn loved how the words of songs came to her and reminded her of times gone by.The words from her favourite song of her youth came back to {Read More}

Drawing: Draw me OCTOBER

  Thanks to all of those who played along with #drawmeseptember. I was so amazed by the amount of people who drew EVERY picture – very cool! There were over 600 pictures in the collection – wow! I really did enjoy the #drawmeseptember challenge… even though I got so far behind it took a while to catch up again. But… a new month… a new start. Here is how to play… 1) Print out the prompts 2) Draw the picture {Read More}

Life: Mirror Mirror – Things to Pay Attention To + Printable

Do you often look in the mirror and sigh? Do you wish you knew where to start when looking at how to put your best foot forward with your make-up? Please… tell me I am not alone! I often look at myself and see so many things that I would love to fix or change about myself and then realise I have wasted valuable time wishing for a Kardashian’s budget and Hepburn cheekbones… Here is a printable that I need {Read More}

Life: Mirror Mirror – Things to tell yourself today + Printable

I have discovered the joy of making printables… I think it is the teacher in me… I love thinking of motivational things to write and things that I need to remember myself. I am starting a little series called: Mirror Mirror… I have made them in various sizes for you to print out. I am going to put them on my mirror so that I can see them when I get ready in the mornings. I am always in need {Read More}

Drawing: Draw Me September – Week 1

I have been LOVING the #drawmeseptember challenge. The collection is up over 300 photos! I am pretty chuffed with how it is going! It is not too late to join in… just start drawing from today! Check out the ‘Draw Me September‘ page for more details. Here are my drawings so far. If you would like to know what drawings are coming up, here is the list…   Are you playing along? Which has been your favourite prompt?

Drawing: Draw Me August

You know how I LOVE the photo-a-day challenges? Well… I really do… This month I have not only been drawing the challenges, I have been adding some cut-outs and pushing myself to think outside the box. It has been fun! Here is a spread of all the photo a day challenges for August. My favourite picture is the ‘Pairs Pic’ with the birds in the nest… Cute isn’t it? Although I do love the ‘hole’ pic and the ‘dream pic’ {Read More}

Drawing: Draw Me September Tool Kit

Well… I launched a new little idea the other day called ‘Draw Me September‘, which is a drawing a day challenge. The idea is that pictures get shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and we can all see your inner artist at work! I have been really encouraged by the response . I have been doing a drawing a day since May. I have loved it! I have learned some tricks, so I thought I would share them with you… Things {Read More}

Drawing: Draw Me September + Printable

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you would know that I like to do a spot of drawing… I also love to be part of fatmumslim‘s photoaday challenge. For the past few months, I have been combining the these two things and have been DRAWING the photo a day challenge pictures… Here are a few of my pictures… I have been experimenting with cut-outs and black and white photography this month. Cute hey? Well… so many people {Read More}

Life: Thankful for the Wind {Printable}

I have had a lot of time fluffing about on my computer this week. All three kids have been sick. Miss A PARTICULARLY sick. I have not moved far from the dining table, I just didn’t want to leave a sick poppet for too long. I have also lots of time for quiet reflection… When does this happen normally? I am not at all thankful that my poppets have been so sick, I have been thankful for the chance to {Read More}

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