Coat Love: The Duffle Coat

I have to say that I love the Duffle Coat. Not only is it warm and comfortable, but, it brings back memories of my teenage life. I wore a Duffle Coat for school and loved it so. I am still not entirely sure what ever happened to it, because I was with giddy glee when I saw them in the shops again and then realised I had not seen my beloved Duffle for years. As a teenager, I kept all {Read More}

6 Printed Scarves

My lovely bloggy friend Vanessa over at Style & Shenanigans is running a very cool style challenge at the moment – all about PRINTS! How cool is that? I have loved the idea of searching in my wardrobe for some pretty printed things to wear in new and fun ways… I have found that I have been shuffling through my scarf collection looking for things to wear that can add a pop of print to my outfit of the day. {Read More}

Style It Project: Lee Cooper Spotted Chambray Shirt – Every Day Wardrobe Staple

Do you ever notice other people wearing the same thing as you? Do you love it or hate it? I happen to LOVE it… I love seeing how other people wear things. This is quite fortunate given my sisters often wear the same things I do. We never look quite the same because we have a different way of wearing our clothes, and I love that. I have some pretty cool bloggy friends out there and they were talking about {Read More}

Tips for Trans-Seasonal Dressing

I am the QUEEN of trans-seasonal dressing… I am always loathe to let one season’s clothes go fully. I tend to wear all my clothes most of the year. I wear t-shirts and tanks as layering pieces in winter and I wear leggings on Summer evenings under sun dresses. I wear my boots as long as humanly possible, but also wear my sandals in the very same way. There is a bit of a knack to dressing for the mid-seasons. {Read More}

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2014

Do you love Mother’s Day? I do. The thing I love the most is that my kids REALLY love Mother’s Day! They plan and scheme and draw pictures and buy little gifts. Their dad takes them on a special trip to get a special gift (my poor husband has to back up quite quickly after my birthday) and they wrap it and giggle as they hide it under my bed. I love that in the morning I get a cup {Read More}

What I Wore: Birthday #38 – Lazy Bones (Louisa)

This year, my Birthday fell on kind of an important day for Mr Cool. He has a new fabulous job and was being officially ‘inducted’ into the position at a special church service*.  You all know what that meant, right? I needed a new dress! I am sure that Mr Cool thought that me being stuck at home recovering from ankle surgery meant that we would not spend as much money… How wrong can a human BE!?  My bloggy mate {Read More}

What I Wore: Festival Fashion: TWLOHA – Day/Night

I realised that I have not shown you all the final outfit I wore to Easterfest! Oh dear! On Day 1 – I wore a scarf tied into a kimono cape On Day 2 – I pattern clashed On Day 3 – this is what I wore… Day….   Night…. Shirt: from ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ Festival T-shirt Tank: Espirit Maxi Skirt: Target – a perennial favourite of mine from a few years ago Sandals: Saltwater. Best sandals {Read More}

6 Ways To Wear Brooches

So, I shared with you some 6 swoonworthy brooches yesterday, today, I am sharing with you 6 ways to wear them! Brooches are so cool right now. They add some sparkle, interest and bling to your outfits. Brooches can break up a block of solid colour, or add more detail to the detail of a boho inspired outfit or simply add a touch of elegance.  Whether your brooch comes from Etsy or Tiffany’s, these ideas will help you add brooch-swoonery {Read More}

6 Swoonworthy Brooches

The brooch is back. Did you notice? I have been waiting and waiting for this moment. I wore brooches when I was younger and LOVED them. I loved the added detail and a bit of fun or charm that they offer. Today, I thought I would share with you 6 brooches that are very indeedly swoonworthy. The images are clickable, so click away! In the top row, you will find 3 of the delightful range of Erstwilder Brooches. Made by {Read More}

Fashion: How To Turn A Scarf Into A Kimono Cape

I have really been in a fashion rut lately. Ankle surgery and the such can do that to a girl… I have had to wear things that are suitable to wear over a plaster cast and then things that can be worn within a moon boot (you can see one of my outfits including the boot here.) I have also been totally inactive thanks to being ‘non weight bearing’ on my right foot. This has meant hour upon hour of {Read More}

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