Pear & Ginger Cake

Do you love pears as much as I do? I love them freshly washed and gobbled up (over the sink so I don’t drip on my clothes, very uncool), sliced and added to a cheese platter, baked in a pie or… in a cake. Pears are good any which way! Today I am sharing a great recipe for a ‘Pear & Ginger Cake’. It is a buttery cake, that is just the right texture and makes a BIG cake. I {Read More}

Pineapple & Yoghurt Ice-blocks

I have been writing about pineapples a lot lately! Last week I shared where you can buy cool pineapple things, and I shared my pineapple t-shirt in an outfit post. It seems only fitting to share a pineapple recipe! Miss Z and I made these ice-blocks for afternoon tea with my dear friend Caitlin from Caitlin’s Happy Heart. She brought her children and they played brilliantly with my kids, her daughter buried their shoes in the backyard and they cleaned {Read More}

Blondies With Popcorn & Jersey Caramels

For those who know me well, know that I LOVE popcorn. I could, and sometimes DO eat it every day. Salted, unsalted, buttered, sweet and salty – there is no such thing as bad popcorn. I have discovered it is also a great ingredient to add to baking! A while ago I shared my recipe for ‘Chocolate Rubble Salted Popcorn Cookies’ over at ‘And Sew We Craft’ and have been finding ways to use more popcorn in my baking ever {Read More}

The Best of BBeingCool in 2013

I do like looking back over the previous year as I start a new one… It gives me a little thrill to see the good things I have done and it is an interesting experiment in what things worked and what things didn’t… Here are the top 5 posts in the areas of Fashion, Food and Life. I hope you find some new reading material in this lot! Fashion 1. What To Wear to A Waikiki Party (and not be {Read More}

Baked Bacon & Eggs

We love to have a hot breakfast on Saturdays. Bacon and eggs would be a favourite for sure! But, today was raining and cold so doing the bacon on the barbecue was out of the question… So… I thought I would try something I saw on Pinterest- Baked bacon and eggs. It was a BIG success and I will definitely do this again! Here is how to do it…   Prep Time: Under 10 mins Cooking Time: 20 mins Makes: {Read More}

Carrot & Coconut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

  I bought Mr Cool a cake dome for Father’s Day. So… I have had to justify it by making sure that there is cake in it! I asked Mr Cool what his favourite cake was, expecting something deliciously chocolatey, but he said, ‘Carrot Cake.’ I have never made a carrot cake before. So I made him one! It was easy! I am not sure what I was expecting, but… I was surprised by how quickly it came together! I {Read More}

Food: Chic French Chocolate Cake

I made this cake for a French afternoon tea I hosted… it was to DIE for. Rich, soft, delicious… and typically French – simple and fabulous: as most French things are! Once you make this cake, you will make it cake again and again… don’t mess with by adding other flavours like nuts or coffee… just love it for its perfect completeness. And… go for a long walk afterwards (#hellobiggerknickers) Prep Time: 25 mins Cooking Time: 22 mins Serves: 8-12 {Read More}

Food: Spiced Orange Chicken Kebabs & Twice Cooked Potatoes + A Give-Away!

This recipe is an adaptation to a turkey recipe I made for Christmas a few years ago. I LOVED the spices and the orange, so delicious. I decided it was not a recipe that could be kept for Christmas alone! So… I have turned the recipe into a kebab which is easy, tasty and quick. Great on the bbq or, as I have outlined, in the kitchen. Spiced Orange Kebabs Prep Time: 15 mins (+soaking and marinating time) Cooking Time: {Read More}

Food: Brioche (Made in a Bread-maker)

  Of all the foods I used to eat in London, Brioche is right up there as one of my favourites. In Waitrose, you could buy a loaf of Brioche with the other (country cousin types of) breads. On Sunday mornings, with lots of hot tea, or lattes made in a saucepan, Mr Cool and I would nibble Brioche while reading in bed and watching the morning unfold outside our window. Heaven. I have never attempted to make Brioche before, {Read More}

Food: 5 Recipes :: My Retro Food Processor

What sorts of appliances do you have lurking in your cupboards? I have already told you about my mum’s Sunbeam Mixmaster… today I am going to introduce you to another of my retro appliances… Here is my little Black & Decker FP32 Food Processor. I have tried to find out what year this was made, but, I have no clue. Maybe in the late 1980s? Not sure, but, it is surely ageing well and has a few more years of {Read More}

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