Are you an Asker? (The Queensland Plan)

  This is a sponsored post for Nuffnang    Are you an ‘Asker?’   I am an ‘Asker?’ Those of you who follow me on facebook know that I ask lots of questions. I am a true ‘Asker.’   This year, I have been asking lots of questions about life. I have also been asking more people into my life. I have been asking people to come for dinner, play croquet, come to Ikea. I have been asking friends to {Read More}

Dear Kale

Dear Kale, I am writing to let you know that {ooh, this is a bit awkies to say} we just can’t be friends. I have tried to like you, I have tried really hard. Some suggested making you into chips, but, seriously? Unless you are a potato, I don’t think that would make you appeal to me more. I have googled the best way to draw your goodness out and I have experiment with various ways to encourage me to like {Read More}

Life: Heart Break Hill 50 – A Fitness Challenge

This year has not turned out the way I thought it would… For various reasons… There have been the health things, like my thyroid going crazy, my adrenals burning out, then there was the ear trauma thing and then the back thing. And on top of all THAT, there was the stuff going on in our real lives… You can read more about that here… So… the end of the year is fast approaching and I have some unfinished business… {Read More}

Life: How To Be Cool – Part 4 – Love Your Life

A month or so ago, I spoke at a Women’s Retreat. I was allowed to speak about whatever I wanted. So of course, I decided to talk about ‘Being Cool’. I spent a lot of time putting together my talk, so I decided I would share what I spoke about bit by bit here every Friday… This series is in 3 Parts: 1) My journey through PND – read more about that here 2) Being Cool – The 5 Elements {Read More}

Life: Mr Cool Does Movember {Hold Me}

Mr Cool is sprouting some very… ahem… seedy looking facial hair this month. And, it is all for a good cause.  The Movember Website is a treasure trove of information, tips and generally funny things all to do with this awesome charity… During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in Australia and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically {Read More}

Life: Weight – I Have Excuses!

Let’s talk about something I haven’t talked about for a while. My weight. Oh joy of joys, what a great topic to write about. But, it has been on my mind a lot… Before I had children, I was really, really overwieght. When I look at photos of myself back then, I feel embarrassed and remorseful and remember how utterly low I felt. Between having all my babies, I lost about 20kg. I felt fabulous – like, really fabulous. I {Read More}

Life: RUOK? Well… Am I?

  Today is RUOK? day. The day when you are meant to ask people if they are in fact, OK. It is a day of building community by checking in with those around you. Just to see if they are okay… I have only just had internet for the past hour or so, so I have not been able to check out how everyone is going in my onliney kind of world. The funny thing is, that no one checked {Read More}

Team Friday – Some News…

    Good Morning Team Friday!   So great to have you here!   I have some news.   It is a little hard to say.   So.   I am just going to say it.   This will be my last Team Friday link in.   I know, I started it up. I know, I have loved it. I know, I have seen it grow. I know. But, right now…  It just doesn’t seem to fit with where I {Read More}

Team Friday – Enough is Enough

Okay… enough is enough. I have been feeling better again for about four weeks, I am now ready to start exercising again. I have been so worried about being tired that I haven’t been doing much {I have had a bit of thyroid/adrenal shutdown thingy-me-bob}, but, the time has come where I need to just get on with things. The Gold Coast Marathon Weekend has just been. A few years ago, I was fit enough to actually run the half {Read More}

Team Friday – Hi From Sydney!

Welcome to Team Friday! By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Sydney for Nuffnang’s Blogopolis – lucky me! And… I will be with one of my favourite peeps – CraftyMummy – we are gonna have so much fun! I have asked the lovely Linda from the blog ‘My Journey, Are We There Yet?’ to help me out this week. Linda has been one of the founding linkers in Team Friday, she shares her fitness {Read More}

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