Goodbye Rainbow Unicorns

Rainbow Unicorn FI

Well… *B lets out a big breath* here I am… back again. Life has a way of sitting you on your butt and forcing you to think and think and think, doesn’t it? I had surgery (ankle reconstruction) nearly 4 weeks ago now. It has been quite an interesting time of healing and reflection and crochet. I haven’t posted much here, thanks to some fairly epic pain drugs that addled my brain. The joke around here was that I was {Read More}

Generosity – Part 1

Generosity 1

So… I have had my ankle reconstructed. You can read about it all here…  I just thought I would share how we have been faring since then. Firstly, I am in a bit of shock. I had no idea how impacting this operation would be. I know that probably sounds dumb, but I did not realise that I was not to put any weight down onto my foot. Neither did I fully appreciate how difficult it would be to get {Read More}

Easterfest 2014 Family Pass Give-Away

Easterfest Give-Away FI

How do you spend your Easter long weekend? We are very spoilt here in Toowoomba, we have a GREAT BIG music festival over the Easter Weekend EVERY year. This festival is called ‘Easterfest’ and it showcases the best of the world’s Christian music. This year the headline acts include awesome bands like: Jars of Clay, Evermore, Hawk Nelson, The OC Supertones, Dami Im, and so many more. Plus, this year, there will be some you tubers there – none other {Read More}

The Story Of The Ankle

The Ankle

So… the ankle… MY foot… let me tell you the story… It begins with a cat… Back at the turn of the century, my cat was in a fight and developed an infection above his eye. I had to take him to the vet. When carrying the cat in a precarious cardboard box into the vet clinic, I fell into a small pot hole in the grass, and sprained my ankle. It took a while to heal, but it did. {Read More}


Bugs 1

A few months ago, we had a ‘Bug Storm.’ These little bugs were everywhere. I thought someone was throwing pebbles at our house, but, when I walked outside, I saw thousands upon thousands of these little bugs flying and crashing about. Before the ‘Bug Storm,’ the weather had been so hot and dry, then… a morning of delicious rain brought on the hatching of these bugs. The bugs themselves were beautiful. Kahki green with fabulous orange underbellies. I googled and {Read More}

12 Tips for Longer Lasting Clothes

Featured  12 Tips for Longer Lasting Clothes

  I read somewhere that you should ‘Write what you know,’ well… I know laundry. I know a lot about washing and hanging and folding and ironing clothes. It seems I have been doing this never ending cycle of meaningless shazizzle forever. But, I have learnt a thing (or 12) about how to do it. Here are 12 tips for ensuring your clothes last longer than a season… 1. Buy quality – seriously quality items last longer (well, they should) {Read More}

Convergence: Your Best Days Are Ahead of You

Convergence 1

This is a sponsored Post My friends and I are at an age when we have begun to talk about the mystical phenomenon called ‘Convergence.’ You know, that magical moment when all of your past experiences make sense and you finally, FINALLY know what you are meant to do with the rest of your life? It is uncanny and kind of cool to think of life like this. To know that both the good and the bad things that have happened {Read More}

Stills: A Weekly Collection 7/52

7 - Desk Top

Last week, I told you I would share my new desk – so here she is! I snaffled her up at the ‘Global Care Markets’ last weekend. I was actually not even looking at desks, but… when I saw this and then saw that it was $80, I may have yelped and snatched the price tag out of the market stall holder’s hand and declared it was MINE. There was a gorgeous young hipster also eyeing off the desk, I {Read More}

St Valentine’s Day Notes For My Family

St Valentine's Day Title

For someone who is not totally IN to Valentine’s Day… I have certainly written a lot of posts about it! In fact, I have written a post about Valentine’s Day on another blog! You can find the whole post over at C.R.A.P Mamma – but basically, I share the original story of St Valentine and what this day means to me. Take a moment to read the full blog post and come back here when you are done. We will {Read More}

10 Last Minute Nearly Free Valentine’s Day Ideas

10 Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Okay, so tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… are you all ready for it? We always have a bit of a ‘discussion’ a week or two before Valentine’s Day to establish whether we are ‘doing something’ or not. There was that fateful year, when we decided we wouldn’t exchange gifts, which was fine, but… I had bought a card and wrote a long soppy note in it, but Mr Cool hadn’t done that for me – dog house for HIM! Then there {Read More}

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