What I Wore: Friday Afternoon Coffee with Gal Pals

  Oh Fridays… I love you. Well… they are my cleaning days – so I actually don’t love the DAY part of it, but… once the clock strikes 4, I really start to like you. A lot! I popped out for coffee with some gal pals for some birthday celebrating last Friday, it was such a treat! It was great to slip on the comfy loafers, pop on a cute t-shirt, add a cute jacket and add some red beads {Read More}

What I Wore: Cobalt & Mustard

    You all know I have a bit of a ‘Thing’ for mustard right? I wrote about ‘How to Wear Mustard (when you don’t have a Cluedo)‘ and I wore ‘Mustard & Denim‘ a few weeks ago… Well… here I am – wearing Mustard again… I just love it. I love that it is earthy and warm, but adds a bit of quirky fun to an outfit. A few weeks ago, when we were shopping at DFO-Jindalee for Mr {Read More}

The Panel : What Fashion Advice Would You Give To Your Daughters

  Well… last week’s Panel post was a great one! Remember? I asked ‘What fashion advice did your mother give you?’ and very few people shared! I was amazed! I shared the fashion advice my mum gave to me and my sisters, and a bit of my story too… After the post went live last week, I received this comment… well… actually I HOUNDED a lovely and very well dressed friend for a comment, and she graciously shared this with {Read More}

The Panel: Winter Beauty Regimes

‘The Panel’ question for this week is: Do you change your make-up/beauty regime for Winter? What do you change and why?   This week’s question brought some interesting responses! I was thinking I would get responses about colour and use of blush, of course I should have expected people would be focussing on dry skin! Yes I do! I use products that offer more hydration, and add an oil – rosehip oil- to my night routine. Heavier moisturisers during the {Read More}

Fashion: The Panel – Who is your style icon?

I asked my ‘Panel’ about who their style icons were… Here are some of the responses I gathered… Thanks to all who responded!   Audrey Hepburn. Elizabeth Taylor. Diane Kruger. Kate Moss (hello skinnies and ballet flats!). Coco Chanel. I like to dress in a retro cute vintage glamour style with a modern twist. What my style icons taught me was to ignore fashion and remember style. March to the beat of your own punk garage grunge rock 50s soundtrack. {Read More}

Fashion: What I wore:: Thursday – Three Thrifted Things

  I have been op-shopping up a storm lately. I am just loving poking around and finding new dresses, shoes, scarves, bags and bric-a-brac. I do love going to our big shopping centre with its major department stores and looking at the new colours and styles and looks that are around, but… there is something about wearing something that no else is wearing that is appealing to me. I have picked up some very cool things in the last few {Read More}

Food: New York Baked Cheesecake

So… what makes a Cheesecake a NEW YORK cheesecake rather than just an Italian cheesecake? I know this question has been keeping you awake at night… Well, it is basically the kind of cheese used. New York cheesecake uses cream cheese {and sour cream as another main ingredient} whereas Italian cheesecake uses Ricotta cheese. New York Cheesecake sticklers will say that a true New York Cheesecake MUST have cream cheese, sour cream and eggs. If it does not have these {Read More}

Fashion: How To Wear Mint Green

Have you all noticed how much MINT is around at the moment? I love it! It is cool, fresh and chic… A great colour to add a bit of cool charm to any outfit. Mint green is perfect with denim, looks amazing with white and can be dressed up with black. Not to mention how fabulous it looks with both navy and grey for your work wear wardrobes… Here are 7 outfits I have put together that show off:  ‘How {Read More}

50 Free Ways To Enjoy Any City

These things can be done in your home town, a town you visit on your next holiday or the most exciting cities in the world. Finding new ways to look at your own home town is a cool way to add some zing to your weekends, without busting the bank or driving long distances. Most local councils have great websites listing things that are happening and what things are worth visiting. When in doubt, Google! 1. Parks – find monuments, {Read More}

Food: Waldorf Salad {No Celery Version}

  In my quest for all things New York, I have been making some quintessential New Yorky kinds of things. In the first week of January, I made Soft Buttery Pretzels. In the second week of January, I made Black & White Cookies. I decided that this week, I should find something relatively healthy and not quite so starchy. I love the story behind the Waldorf Salad… Did you know that it was actually the Maitre de of the Waldorf {Read More}

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