What I Wore: Festival Fashion: Pattern Clashing

I have loved planning and putting together some outfits for ‘Easterfest 2014’… I have taken it as a chance to shake up my usual style, which I have to say, has been getting a little boring thanks to feeling really blah after surgery… On Friday I wore a fun scarf shawl and for Saturday, I decided to shake things up by clashing some patterns – B Style. Being new to ‘Pattern Clashing’ I decided to stick with a black and {Read More}

Easterfest 2014 – Day 1

I have not been to Easterfest for years. Years and years actually. After today, I am left wondering why on earth not? We arrived before midday, the kids and Mr Cool made their way straight to the Kidzone while I waited to watch a forum on ‘Klout’. On the panel were Tonya from ‘The Crafty Mummy’ (my blogging gal pal, it was fun to be there with my virtual pom poms), also on the panel were Tessa Violet and Shawna {Read More}

Who Am I? aka Addicted to 6 Question Quizzes

I have a confession to make. I LOVE those 6 question quizzes that are going around the inter webs at the moment. And, when I say LOVE, I mean CAPS LOCK:  LOVE! I realised recently that I have done an awful lot of them, and that if I put them all into one place, it paints a very unusual picture of myself. I also realised that all these quizzes represents a couple of hours of time (probably better spent with {Read More}

Stills: A Weekly Collection 1/52

It has been a busy week around here! I always get this idea in my head that Christmas is relaxed and carefree time of year with sleep ins and lazy afternoons. This is a delusion! This has been one of the busiest Christmas seasons to date! But, I love it – the people and the cooking and the gifts and the kids being around and the entertaining are all so much fun. Here is a small wrap up of this {Read More}

The Frocktober Review – 5 Noteworthy Dresses

Last month I wore a dress every day. Yes, EVERY day. This included camping and work and walks to the park with the kids. It was fun, but… it was a challenge and it was all for Frocktober: raising money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. So… it was all worth it! I am naturally shy and not so fond of being in front of the camera, so to sign up to showcases moi in a dress everyday was {Read More}

Frocktober Day 27 – Lazy Beach Pillow Case Dress

  Dress: Lazy Beach Pillow Case Dress Shoes: Clear Jelly Bean Sandals Fabric: Cotton: Navy blue with white leaves Where I got it: Golden Breed at DFO Jindalee What I love about it: I have been wanting a long floaty dress for a while and fell in love with this as I walked past the store… It is pretty isn’t it? Styling Tip: I am big busted, so I either need to find a really good, and I mean REALLY {Read More}

Frocktober Day 18 – Seed, Sussan and Beads

Friday… I love you. Especially after working Wednesday and Thursday. All I wanted to do today was pop on some jeans, an oversize T, a scarf and some sandals… but… I am over half-way through Frocktober, so… I hunted through my wardrobe for something totally comfortable and easy wearing. I found my favourite Seed Maxi Dress, coined the ‘Condom Dress’ by Mrs Woog, this dress skims and creates a good silhouette which then works well with a boxy shirt over {Read More}

If Project: Paris :: 10 Things I Adore About Paris

1. The Food 2. The Eiffel Tower 3. Carousels 4. The Louvre 5. The Siene   6. The Bicycles 7. Audrey Hepburn 8. The Maps 9. The Markets 10. The Frenchness    What do you love about Paris?   All images are from my ‘If Project-Paris.’ 

If Project: Paris :: IRL Francophile – Part 1.

  This is Cheryl. She is a Francophile. Amongst many things that Cheryl does, she is a teacher aide at my school. I have known Cheryl for a long time, her lovely smile and friendly conversation have always been so refreshing to me. To list out her amazing story and the amazing things she does would be a whole other blog post. Cheryl has survived cancer, helps teenagers get their Duke of Edinburgh awards (has met the Duke a few {Read More}

If Project: Stockholm :: Swedish Visiting Cake

This cake is delicious. You know, I wish I knew more words for delicious… This cake is lemony, moist, soft, buttery… delicious! The story behind this traditional Swedish cake, (which I found here) is that it can be made in the time it takes for visitors walk up your drive-way. I love that! I imagine living in a little cabin in Sweden, surrounded by pine trees, with a long winding drive-way leading to the road. I look out of my {Read More}

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