Lessons from Problogger: What did you want to be when you were a child?

What do you get when you get 450 bloggers in one room? Well… I would have to say you get ‘Magic.’ Something incredible happens when you have people dedicated to (over)sharing their lives, their wardrobes and their families on a daily basis gathered in one place. Something even more magical happens when they are all ready to learn, to improve their craft and to make connections. Something even more special happens when these 450 bloggers put themselves in a space to be challenged, encouraged and {Read More}

8 Questions About Life From Problogger 2013

I was at the Problogger conference last Friday and Saturday. I learnt so much and met so many amazing people. I also listened to some amazing people speak, not just about blogging, but also about good life stuff. Since returning home from the conference Mr Cool has said I am acting as if I am stunned. And, in a way I am. In a way I am madly trying to work out where to go next and what to do {Read More}

Dear Slenderman {An Open Letter}

Below is an open letter to a blogger who has contributed to the Slenderman story. In the story, the main character wears an outfit that I put together… I can’t find a way to contact the person, so I hoped that a trackback might get his/her/their attention.  Here is the link to the story (it is a little creeeeeepy)…      Dear Slenderman, I just wanted to write you this open letter to say THANK YOU. Thank you for sending {Read More}

Drawing: The Chalk Loveheart: Part 2

Find Part 1 of this story here…. Gwendolyn could not believe her eyes. He was there. 21 floors down. He was actually there. She was frozen in disbelief and amazement and confusion. She had guessed that he had disappeared without a trace. Never to be seen again. He ran so fast out of her life at times she wondered if had ever been there. All that was left of him was a small bag of personal items he neglected to {Read More}

Life: Dear Organised Housewife

Dear Organised Housewife {aka Kat}, I just thought I would write to you and tell you about my journey doing your #TOH20daychallenge. To say that it has changed my life may sound dramatic, but it really has! I signed up to the challenge on a whim, the link came up in my facebook feed and I thought, ‘Sure, why not?’ I knew my house was not as organised as it could have been but I had no idea where to {Read More}

Life: Guest Posting at Bloxham Marketing

I have been busy guest posting around the place lately!  Today, I am over at Bloxham Marketing…  By day, I am a teacher, I teach a few days a week in a fantastic school. I love being in the classroom and have the loveliest class. Very blessed to have this gig. My friend Ceridwyn from Bloxham Marketing, has asked me to write a blog post about what my ideal classroom would look like, specifically, what technology I would use. Check {Read More}

SBR – Thinkin’ about stuff

Saturday Bonus Reading… I have been given an extra hour or two today. My mum has the girls, BabyCool is asleep and Mr Cool is pottering about… so I have taken the chance just to sit still and take stock… Of course, I have been thinking about my blog, it seems to occupy a lot of my thinking time lately, which is fine, and it is not. I have been thinking about how my blog has evolved. It began as {Read More}

Team Friday – Some News…

    Good Morning Team Friday!   So great to have you here!   I have some news.   It is a little hard to say.   So.   I am just going to say it.   This will be my last Team Friday link in.   I know, I started it up. I know, I have loved it. I know, I have seen it grow. I know. But, right now…  It just doesn’t seem to fit with where I {Read More}

Blogging is making my head hurt….

I do love having a blog. I love having somewhere to ‘write’ down the stuff that I am into at any one moment. I love reading other blogs and getting ideas and sharing ideas. But mostly, I love the writing bit. When I started blogging I didn’t get that I had to comment on other blogs to promote myself. So I did that. A lot. I discovered Instagram and loved it immediately. Although to be honest, I just liked the {Read More}

Home Alone & Freaking Myself Out…

I was home alone the other night. This very rarely happens, so I had set myself up to enjoy it. I had made an easy dinner for the kids, put them into bed, pulled out some chocolate and was happily typing, typing away. Every so often I would hear something, look up from what I was doing and then discount it as just my imagination. Then, the front porch light went on. This never ever turns on randomly, it turns {Read More}

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