6 Printed Scarves

My lovely bloggy friend Vanessa over at Style & Shenanigans is running a very cool style challenge at the moment – all about PRINTS! How cool is that? I have loved the idea of searching in my wardrobe for some pretty printed things to wear in new and fun ways… I have found that I have been shuffling through my scarf collection looking for things to wear that can add a pop of print to my outfit of the day. {Read More}

Style It Project: Lee Cooper Spotted Chambray Shirt – Every Day Wardrobe Staple

Do you ever notice other people wearing the same thing as you? Do you love it or hate it? I happen to LOVE it… I love seeing how other people wear things. This is quite fortunate given my sisters often wear the same things I do. We never look quite the same because we have a different way of wearing our clothes, and I love that. I have some pretty cool bloggy friends out there and they were talking about {Read More}

Tips for Trans-Seasonal Dressing

I am the QUEEN of trans-seasonal dressing… I am always loathe to let one season’s clothes go fully. I tend to wear all my clothes most of the year. I wear t-shirts and tanks as layering pieces in winter and I wear leggings on Summer evenings under sun dresses. I wear my boots as long as humanly possible, but also wear my sandals in the very same way. There is a bit of a knack to dressing for the mid-seasons. {Read More}

Weekly Stills: A London-y Day in the Park

Sometimes, when I least expect it, London appears before my eyes. It shows up in smooth green parkland grass, amber trees, crisp cool air, crunchy leaves and parks full to the brim with people. Mr Cool wanted to take the girls for a run yesterday afternoon, and I wanted to finally try out my new camera (geeky squeal) so, we donned coats and headed to Queen’s Park, a lovely big park in the centre of Toowoomba. While the girls ran {Read More}

Mother’s Day – Lessons From Oma

  I haven’t shared too much about all that I learnt during my ankle surgery recovery. To say I learnt a lot is kind of an understatement, I learnt about creativity, I learnt about being still, I learnt the value of listening and I learnt about friendships. I will share more about what I learnt while being still over the next little while. Today, in Australia, it is mother’s day. A day for cold tea and burnt toast, a day {Read More}

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2014

Do you love Mother’s Day? I do. The thing I love the most is that my kids REALLY love Mother’s Day! They plan and scheme and draw pictures and buy little gifts. Their dad takes them on a special trip to get a special gift (my poor husband has to back up quite quickly after my birthday) and they wrap it and giggle as they hide it under my bed. I love that in the morning I get a cup {Read More}

What I Wore: Birthday #38 – Lazy Bones (Louisa)

This year, my Birthday fell on kind of an important day for Mr Cool. He has a new fabulous job and was being officially ‘inducted’ into the position at a special church service*.  You all know what that meant, right? I needed a new dress! I am sure that Mr Cool thought that me being stuck at home recovering from ankle surgery meant that we would not spend as much money… How wrong can a human BE!?  My bloggy mate {Read More}

Pear & Ginger Cake

Do you love pears as much as I do? I love them freshly washed and gobbled up (over the sink so I don’t drip on my clothes, very uncool), sliced and added to a cheese platter, baked in a pie or… in a cake. Pears are good any which way! Today I am sharing a great recipe for a ‘Pear & Ginger Cake’. It is a buttery cake, that is just the right texture and makes a BIG cake. I {Read More}

What I Wore: Festival Fashion: TWLOHA – Day/Night

I realised that I have not shown you all the final outfit I wore to Easterfest! Oh dear! On Day 1 – I wore a scarf tied into a kimono cape On Day 2 – I pattern clashed On Day 3 – this is what I wore… Day….   Night…. Shirt: from ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ Festival T-shirt Tank: Espirit Maxi Skirt: Target – a perennial favourite of mine from a few years ago Sandals: Saltwater. Best sandals {Read More}

6 Ways To Wear Brooches

So, I shared with you some 6 swoonworthy brooches yesterday, today, I am sharing with you 6 ways to wear them! Brooches are so cool right now. They add some sparkle, interest and bling to your outfits. Brooches can break up a block of solid colour, or add more detail to the detail of a boho inspired outfit or simply add a touch of elegance.  Whether your brooch comes from Etsy or Tiffany’s, these ideas will help you add brooch-swoonery {Read More}

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