How To Tea Stain Clothing

Tea Staining - FI

Whilst op-shopping a week or two back, I found this fabulous ‘Talisman‘ folk tunic. I loved it. I tried it on and realised that it was not actually a dress, but more like a long top. It needed something underneath it. Something like a petticoat…. I popped into the ‘vintage’ section of the thrift store and looked through the racks of old undergarments (this sounds worse than it was, it was mainly petticoats and slips and things) but nothing was {Read More}

Stills: A Weekly Collection 10/52 – Flowers & Brunch

Sunday - Flowers Up Close

It is hard to not preface things with , ‘It has been a busy week’ … but, well, it HAS been a busy week! I have worked, we have had a cast removed from a little arm, there has been people and hair cuts and all manner of things… So… my photos for this week are all taken today. In a blissful couple of minutes of Sunday morning dreaminess…   1. I bought a Typewriter at ‘Collectorama’ last weekend. I {Read More}


Bugs 1

A few months ago, we had a ‘Bug Storm.’ These little bugs were everywhere. I thought someone was throwing pebbles at our house, but, when I walked outside, I saw thousands upon thousands of these little bugs flying and crashing about. Before the ‘Bug Storm,’ the weather had been so hot and dry, then… a morning of delicious rain brought on the hatching of these bugs. The bugs themselves were beautiful. Kahki green with fabulous orange underbellies. I googled and {Read More}

The Panel: The Clothesline Rules

Clothes Line Rules

This week, I am talking ‘Laundry’ on the blog… you know, they tell you to ‘write what you know’ and all that. I shared my ‘12 Tips for Longer Lasting Clothes’ and now I am asking about your clothes line rules… This is the biggest collection of responses EVER for ‘The Panel’ – so, grab a cup of tea and get inside other people’s heads for a couple of minutes… I do love Anna’s response, hers is first…   When {Read More}

What I Wore: Thrifted Upcylced Kaftan Sundress

Featured Image - Kaftan

I shared a post earlier about ‘How To Turn A Beach Kaftan Into A Sun Dress‘  - well… here are the pictures of ME in the dress! I love it! Now I have realised that I have a bit an issue with colour. I love it, and I crave it… but… I don’t know, I just can’t seem to get it right. This means I tend to go for blacks, whites and greys and add colour in my accessories. Now, {Read More}

How To Turn A Beach Kaftan Into A Sundress

Kaftan into Sundress Title

A few weeks ago, I picked up a fabulous kaftan from a thrift store. I was shopping with my mother, who told me in no uncertain terms that I should NOT buy the kaftan as it was, “for the beach.” Well, I looked at this kaftan and decided I had to have it. I loved the colour, I loved the design, I loved the neckline and I loved the shape (or no shape which works well for my over shapely {Read More}

12 Tips for Longer Lasting Clothes

Featured  12 Tips for Longer Lasting Clothes

  I read somewhere that you should ‘Write what you know,’ well… I know laundry. I know a lot about washing and hanging and folding and ironing clothes. It seems I have been doing this never ending cycle of meaningless shazizzle forever. But, I have learnt a thing (or 12) about how to do it. Here are 12 tips for ensuring your clothes last longer than a season… 1. Buy quality – seriously quality items last longer (well, they should) {Read More}

Pineapple & Yoghurt Ice-blocks

Pineapple & Yoghurt Ice-blocks

I have been writing about pineapples a lot lately! Last week I shared where you can buy cool pineapple things, and I shared my pineapple t-shirt in an outfit post. It seems only fitting to share a pineapple recipe! Miss Z and I made these ice-blocks for afternoon tea with my dear friend Caitlin from Caitlin’s Happy Heart. She brought her children and they played brilliantly with my kids, her daughter buried their shoes in the backyard and they cleaned {Read More}

The Panel: Teenagers & Make-Up

Teenagers and Make-Up

So… back in ‘the day’ did you wear make-up to school? I didn’t. It was against the rules. Yes, there were those who wore foundation and eyeliner and lipgloss, ‘we’ considered those girls not very nicely. I once went to school with the traces of [my sister's] eyeliner that I just couldn’t wash off and was frogmarched to the smelly toilets to use soap and water to wash it off by the stereotypical near giant spinster deputy head. The WORST {Read More}

Convergence: Your Best Days Are Ahead of You

Convergence 1

This is a sponsored Post My friends and I are at an age when we have begun to talk about the mystical phenomenon called ‘Convergence.’ You know, that magical moment when all of your past experiences make sense and you finally, FINALLY know what you are meant to do with the rest of your life? It is uncanny and kind of cool to think of life like this. To know that both the good and the bad things that have happened {Read More}

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