Life: My Dogdy Ankle aka Anxiety

Let me tell you about my right ankle. About 15 years ago I sprained it. I was carrying my sick cat, into a vet’s surgery. She was a fighter that cat, and she had an infection above her eye. The only car-park we could find was on a seriously busy road and the only thing I had to carry the cat was a flimsy archive box. Once I had manouvred myself out the car with the cat in the flimsy {Read More}

Life: How To Be Cool – Part 2 – Know Who You Are

Last week I told you all about my speaking engagement at a Craft Retreat… My talk was in three parts 1) My Story – or part there of 2) The 5 Elements of Cool 3) Reflection Time Last week I told you part of my Post Natal Depression story… Over the next five weeks, I am going to give you 5 Elements of Cool, these elements will stand the test of time, {unlike Gangnam Style}! These have come out of {Read More}

Life: Wednesday’s Black Dog…

So… today I am feeling … okay. I am tired. And I am so tired of being tired. So very tired of it. I remember a B of a long time ago who ran and who cooked and who had people over all the time, a B who ran around with her kids and made adventures for them. Where has that B gone? I have been tired since about September last year. At first I thought it was just that {Read More}

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