Fashion: How To Turn A Scarf Into A Kimono Cape

How To Tie A Scarf Into A Kimono Cape

I have really been in a fashion rut lately. Ankle surgery and the such can do that to a girl… I have had to wear things that are suitable to wear over a plaster cast and then things that can be worn within a moon boot (you can see one of my outfits including the boot here.) I have also been totally inactive thanks to being ‘non weight bearing’ on my right foot. This has meant hour upon hour of {Read More}

What I Wore: Festival Fashion: Scarf Shawl

Easterfest Fashion _ Friday _ Flat Lay

Today, I have been at Easterfest, a fabulous family friendly, hipster cool music festival in my own home town. It has been years since we have been, but am thrilled to be an official ‘Easterfest Blogger’ for 2014. I decided that I needed clothes that were: a) cute b) layering friendly c) a bit hippy fresh This is my first outfit… I have to say I LOVE it… colourful, comfortable and a bit quirky with the scarf/shawl thingie…  (I will {Read More}

What I Wore: Thrifted Upcylced Kaftan Sundress

Featured Image - Kaftan

I shared a post earlier about ‘How To Turn A Beach Kaftan Into A Sun Dress‘  - well… here are the pictures of ME in the dress! I love it! Now I have realised that I have a bit an issue with colour. I love it, and I crave it… but… I don’t know, I just can’t seem to get it right. This means I tend to go for blacks, whites and greys and add colour in my accessories. Now, {Read More}

How To Turn A Beach Kaftan Into A Sundress

Kaftan into Sundress Title

A few weeks ago, I picked up a fabulous kaftan from a thrift store. I was shopping with my mother, who told me in no uncertain terms that I should NOT buy the kaftan as it was, “for the beach.” Well, I looked at this kaftan and decided I had to have it. I loved the colour, I loved the design, I loved the neckline and I loved the shape (or no shape which works well for my over shapely {Read More}

The Panel: Does Your Husband Give You Fashion Advice?

Fashion Advice from Husbands

This week, I asked my ‘Panel’ if their husbands/partners/cats gave them fashion advice? If yes, did they love or loathe it? If not, did they love or loathe it? I often ask Mr Cool if I look all right, more often than not he says yes.  I love that Mr Cool likes the way I dress, but also encourages me to ‘think out of the box’ when it comes to fashion. Mr Cool has very good taste in clothes, so {Read More}

What I Wore: Pineapples & Country Road

Pineapple Shirt

This outfit has been my summer staple: the relaxed fit tee, the drawstring pant and the sandal. It has taken me to casual dinner parties, day trips, everyday kinds of things like swimming lessons, the school run, the doctor’s surgery. It is comfortable, cool, classic – with a side of fun in the shape of a pineapple! I love this kind of outfit because it needs only a couple of key things and the outfit zings. I am talking about {Read More}

Where To Buy Cool Pineapple Things

Where to Buy Pineapples w Text

This summer, I have been loving the pineapple motif that is everywhere from t-shirts to cushions. I love the quirky kitsch-ness of them, don’t you?  I think that they are the very picture of summer indeed. I have the pineapple t-shirt from Country Road shown above, I will show you me wearing it tomorrow in fact!  The very motif makes me happy. So… I thought I would share a bit of a round up of where you too can get {Read More}

The Panel: What are some fashion trends you are loving at the moment?

The Panel - Current Trends

Oh… there are so many fun and fabulous trends around at the moment: pineapples, foxes, checks, pattern on patterns, harem pants, stripes, sandals, colour overdoses, big necklaces, animal print, floral and so many more. Fashion is so fun at the moment! I wondered what some of my favourite people were loving at the right now, so I put my burning question out to my favourite bloggers and people. Here are their responses:   Omg…what trends are hot ATM? Hmmm…got to {Read More}

What I Wore :: Thrifted Faithfuls

WIW  - Thrifted Faithfuls Title

It has been a loooooong time between fashion posts. A LONG time… When I did Frocktober and was putting together a fashion post every single day, I felt really… exposed. Which probably seems strange for a blogger to say that. I don’t like being in photographs. I really don’t. Surely my skin doesn’t look *that* way all the time? Is my nose really that shape? Why does my leg do *that* when I have my photo taken? Critical, harsh questions {Read More}

The Best of BBeingCool in 2013

2013 in Reveiw

I do like looking back over the previous year as I start a new one… It gives me a little thrill to see the good things I have done and it is an interesting experiment in what things worked and what things didn’t… Here are the top 5 posts in the areas of Fashion, Food and Life. I hope you find some new reading material in this lot! Fashion 1. What To Wear to A Waikiki Party (and not be {Read More}

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