Life: How To Be Cool – Part 6 – Live With Purpose & The Conclusion

For the last 6 weeks I have been posting a ‘How To Be Cool’ series. This came out of a ‘talk’ I gave at a women’s conference. I was given free reign to talk about whatever I wanted, so I decided to talk about how to be cool. Part 1 – My Story Part 2 – The Elements of Cool #1 – Know Who You Are Part 3 – The Elements of Cool #2 – Be At Your Best Part {Read More}

Life: How To Be Cool – Part 5 – Never Stop Learning

For the last 4 weeks, I have been talking about ‘How To Be Cool’. I have covered part of my story and have moved into the 5 ‘Elements of Cool’… 1) Know Who You Are 2) Be At Your Best 3) Love Your Life The 4th Element of Cool is ‘Never Stop Learning’ To be cool you have to have a love for learning, it doesn’t have to be formalised. At 45 my mother decided she wanted to learn folk {Read More}

Life: How To Be Cool – Part 2 – Know Who You Are

Last week I told you all about my speaking engagement at a Craft Retreat… My talk was in three parts 1) My Story – or part there of 2) The 5 Elements of Cool 3) Reflection Time Last week I told you part of my Post Natal Depression story… Over the next five weeks, I am going to give you 5 Elements of Cool, these elements will stand the test of time, {unlike Gangnam Style}! These have come out of {Read More}

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