Life: Girls’ Weekend to Waldorf Salad :: My Week According To Instagram

If someone could tell me where my week has gone, that would be great… Within the last week we have sold a piano and had a new dining table delivered. Mr Cool and I had a dash to Brisbane to buy dining chairs. I have had a few days away with my bestest friends. Mr Cool went back to work. We did the school shopping. And now… it is Wednesday again! Crazy! Have the weeks been going too fast for {Read More}

Life: The Anniversary Edition of My Week According To Instagram

Another good week… I have been trying to NOT take so many photos this week! This week we celebrated our 16th anniversary, it was lovely. Mr Cool took me to Brisbane for the day and then we went to Aria for dinner! We then stayed in a fabulous 5 star suite and enjoyed not having to fetch for or clean up after our poppets! We were part of a Progressive Dinner on Saturday night, which was a hoot. And then {Read More}

Life: My Week In Instagrams – Truffles & Kaftans

  Wow! What a week! Check. It. Out.     If a good week involves being able to shop alone, do some cooking, see lots of my kids, have a date night and do some sewing, then I think I had a great week! The highlight of my week was when a good friend popped in to drop in milk. Now, that may not sound like much, but I moaned about my discovery of no milk on instagram. Within 20 {Read More}

Home – How To Bring New Life To An Old Filing Cabinet

I have been busy getting my house into an organised state. I am a bit of a clean freak, but not so organised. I have always balked at the thought of getting myself organised as it is just… so… boring… and there are a million things I would rather do than to go through piles of paper and file things and sort and store and… are you all still awake? I signed up to do the The Organised Housewife’s 20 Day {Read More}

My Week In Instagrams…. Volume 1

Wow – what a week! It has been a good one! Having put all of these pictures in one place I am both amazed that I take so many photos and amazed that I have missed some fabulous photo ops! Darn! I am going to love this challenge though – thanks to Tina Gray for inspiring me to put this together….   What has your week looked like?   Find other Instagram Addicts and see their weeks here…

Wordless Wednesday: Drawings

I love FatMumSlim’s Instagram Photoaday challenges… I love having to think of ways to be creative. Last month I started drawing for these prompts, it was so fun! So, for May, I am drawing again… Here is where we are up to so far…. 15 handdrawn pictures by B.                                        I am not the world’s best drawer… but I love it. I am loving seeing my drawing improving and I love that {Read More}

Saturday Bonus Reading: Two week’s of drawings… PhotoadayApril

So… this drawing thing has been so much fun! I love having to draw something everyday. I think my drawings are getting better, which is fun to see. In case you don’t follow along with the fatmumslim #photoadayApril on instagram here are my drawings for the last two weeks.                             To keep drawing or to give the challenge a miss for May or just take photos? These questions have been on my mind this week {you know, the deep things {Read More}

March Photo A Day Wrap Up + Some news for April…

Here is the month in review according to the March Photo A Day Challenge with FatMumSlim….                                                                {Sorry for the layout of the photos above… something whacky happening…no time to fix them – should be making cake right now!} I do love these photo challenges, they keep me thinking creativly and I also ADORE Instagram… So… just to challenge the challenge, this month for {Read More}

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