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  Wow! What a week! Check. It. Out.     If a good week involves being able to shop alone, do some cooking, see lots of my kids, have a date night and do some sewing, then I think I had a great week! The highlight of my week was when a good friend popped in to drop in milk. Now, that may not sound like much, but I moaned about my discovery of no milk on instagram. Within 20 {Read More}

My Week In Instagrams…. Volume 1

My Week In Instagrams

Wow – what a week! It has been a good one! Having put all of these pictures in one place I am both amazed that I take so many photos and amazed that I have missed some fabulous photo ops! Darn! I am going to love this challenge though – thanks to Tina Gray for inspiring me to put this together….   What has your week looked like?   Find other Instagram Addicts and see their weeks here…

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