Weekly Stills – Autumn Sundays

Oh Autumn, you are delightful… Your golden leaves and crisp clean air, and do not get me started on your blue, blue sky! You are my favourite (I do say that to all the seasons, don’t tell Autumn that!) Autumn on Sunday afternoons, are those things that halcyon dreams are made of… << The view from our deck across our city. Love it so much. >> <<I don’t know what these plants are, but, by golly their flowers are BEAUTIFUL! {Read More}

Weekly Stills: A London-y Day in the Park

Sometimes, when I least expect it, London appears before my eyes. It shows up in smooth green parkland grass, amber trees, crisp cool air, crunchy leaves and parks full to the brim with people. Mr Cool wanted to take the girls for a run yesterday afternoon, and I wanted to finally try out my new camera (geeky squeal) so, we donned coats and headed to Queen’s Park, a lovely big park in the centre of Toowoomba. While the girls ran {Read More}

Stills: A Weekly Collection 10/52 – Flowers & Brunch

It is hard to not preface things with , ‘It has been a busy week’ … but, well, it HAS been a busy week! I have worked, we have had a cast removed from a little arm, there has been people and hair cuts and all manner of things… So… my photos for this week are all taken today. In a blissful couple of minutes of Sunday morning dreaminess…   1. I bought a Typewriter at ‘Collectorama’ last weekend. I {Read More}

Stills: A Weekly Collection 7/52

Last week, I told you I would share my new desk – so here she is! I snaffled her up at the ‘Global Care Markets’ last weekend. I was actually not even looking at desks, but… when I saw this and then saw that it was $80, I may have yelped and snatched the price tag out of the market stall holder’s hand and declared it was MINE. There was a gorgeous young hipster also eyeing off the desk, I {Read More}

The Panel: How To Look Good In Photographs

There are not very many photos of me in existence.  The reason? Well… I do not at all like being on the front side of a camera. I love TAKING photos and I am the picture taker/memory maker in our house, but I am totally uncomfortable being in front of it. This is something that needs to change. I want my children to have photos of me. I also want to post more fashion posts, but the one thing holding {Read More}

Stils: A Weekly Collection 6/52

We started the week admiring this strange stalk that shot up out of our garden… We had no idea what it was, but… as the days past, we watched the most beautiful flower emerge. Here is my week in stills…   1. I do love surprises that arise out of the gardens here at ‘The Treehouse’. We checked in on this plant everyday. It was great to watch the flower unfurl. 2. This little solar light from Ikea are delightful, {Read More}

Life: My Week In Instagrams – Truffles & Kaftans

  Wow! What a week! Check. It. Out.     If a good week involves being able to shop alone, do some cooking, see lots of my kids, have a date night and do some sewing, then I think I had a great week! The highlight of my week was when a good friend popped in to drop in milk. Now, that may not sound like much, but I moaned about my discovery of no milk on instagram. Within 20 {Read More}

My Week In Instagrams…. Volume 1

Wow – what a week! It has been a good one! Having put all of these pictures in one place I am both amazed that I take so many photos and amazed that I have missed some fabulous photo ops! Darn! I am going to love this challenge though – thanks to Tina Gray for inspiring me to put this together….   What has your week looked like?   Find other Instagram Addicts and see their weeks here…

Saturday Bonus Reading…3 + March Photo A Day

March Photo A Day Challenge…              It has been a pretty busy week this week… I missed a few and had to do a cheater-roo quick sketch catch up… Oh well…. I am still enjoying the challenge. I don’t like having photos taken… at all. But… I read this blog post {Click  over at The Divine Caroline} and realised that I just need to remember a couple of things. I was taking photos of my sunglasses today for the {Read More}

Photo Challenge: Day 23 – Something Old

Antique Rolling Pin I do love things that have a story… This rolling pin was my Oma’s {Dutch for Grandma} and it was passed down to my mum who then passed it on to me. My mum is quite arty and went through a phase of painting things. It is quite amazing really, the painting thing. Mum decided that she wanted to learn how to do Folk Art painting. She was in her forties and decided that it was the {Read More}

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