Fashion: How To Turn A Scarf Into A Kimono Cape

I have really been in a fashion rut lately. Ankle surgery and the such can do that to a girl… I have had to wear things that are suitable to wear over a plaster cast and then things that can be worn within a moon boot (you can see one of my outfits including the boot here.) I have also been totally inactive thanks to being ‘non weight bearing’ on my right foot. This has meant hour upon hour of {Read More}

Fashion: Scarf Tying

I am a living contradiction at the moment… I am so happy that it is Spring – BUT – I still want to wear my scarves! I love my scarves – BUT – having worn most of them to death through Winter, I want MORE! Here are two of my favourite scarves… This orange one was given to me by Miss A for Mother’s Day… It is bright and sunny and … well… orange… This is another fav scarf… I {Read More}

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