Life: Thankful Thursday #1 – 2013

I have missed writing my Thankful Thursday posts since they left Kate Says Stuff and went somewhere else… But, they have found a new home over at Six By The Bay and I am keen to get back to sharing my thankfulness! This year has not started well. I have begun the year in worse shape than I care to fully explain. Christmas was extremely stressful. The holidays went by too fast. My children are driving me a bit loopy {Read More}

Life: Randomly Thankful on Thursday #5

I just looked at my calendar… 15th of November, where has my year gone? I am tired and even more tired thinking of all the things I have to do over the next few days… But, I will get through and I will sleep on Wednesday of next week. Hopefully! Here is my list of random things I am thankful for this week… My eldest daughter was awarded the highest academic award for her grade. So proud. She is such {Read More}

Life: Randomly Thankful on Thursday #4

  I love a good list post. And I also like to be thankful. Life is super busy at the moment, and if I wrote all the heart felt things in my head, I would be a blubbering mess on the floor, so let’s just keep things straightforward shall we? Here are the random things I am thankful for this week…   BabyCool turned 2 on Tuesday, so blessed to have that little ball of love in my life We {Read More}

Life: Randomly Thankful on Thursday

Here is my random list of thankfulness for the week… In no particular order… clean skin wine that is not too bad at all friends who are okay with me crying on their porch a fish tank that has stayed clean dreams and plans and goals and stuff ideas for how I can find more time to write Esprit clothing time with a wise and lovely friend, and for her lavender tea friends who can put legs on dreams and {Read More}

Life: Randomly Thankful on Thursday List #2

Life has felt crazy busy lately, and really intense, so thinking of lovely meaty and deep things to write has become virtually impossible… I have had such a great response to last week’s list of random thankfulness, that I thought I would write up another randomy kind of list. After all, randomy is such a cool way to be sometimes. This week I am thankful for: freshly painted ceilings people watching at the airport grandparents children having sleepovers lots of {Read More}

Life: Randomly Thankful on Thursday

I have a painter in the house and it is raining… these two things combined means it is hard for me to concentrate on writing anything involving long sentences…. So… here is a list of random things I am thankful for….   New Lipsticks A baby boy who has started playing with trucks Seeing my big sister dressed up and looking fabulous Girls getting new shoes Mr Cool’s silly jokes Coffee Kicking goals Walks in the early morning Freshly painted {Read More}

Life: Thankfulness Reminds Us Of All The Goodness + Printable

I was not going to write a ‘Thankful Thursday’ post today. Not because I wasn’t thankful, it was just that…. I don’t know… there are lots of things whirring through my head and then there was that flashing cursor and then there was being tired and … well… I wasn’t feeling thankful. Then I went for a walk. Well, we all know that going for a walk and breathing fresh air and seeing lovely things and getting the blood pumping {Read More}

Life: Since September… Thankful Thursday

Euch… I am not well… again…. Since September last year I have been unwell pretty much, the whole time. It started with a hormonal thing, which was a thyroid thing. I put on 6kg thanks to that bad boy. Then I had colds and flues and more thyroid rubbish. I reacted to a detox solution and have had more colds. Then I got a REALLY bad flu and flew to Sydney, all the while in Sydney my head was spinning, {Read More}

Life: Thankful for the Wind {Printable}

I have had a lot of time fluffing about on my computer this week. All three kids have been sick. Miss A PARTICULARLY sick. I have not moved far from the dining table, I just didn’t want to leave a sick poppet for too long. I have also lots of time for quiet reflection… When does this happen normally? I am not at all thankful that my poppets have been so sick, I have been thankful for the chance to {Read More}

Life: Today Is Awesome – Thankful Thursday

Image   You know how when we were kids, things were totally awesome: Moove milk, The Muppets, Young Talent Time, Smurfs, Barbie, PacMan and Videos… Oh they were the days! I love telling my children about what life was like when Mr Cool and I were their ages. The girls love hearing stories of my eraser collection and driving with the windows down because there was no air-conditioning and summer days spent playing under the sprinkler. I had an interesting {Read More}

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